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Kindness & Community Service

Rectory students care. They care about each other, they care about the adults in the community, and they care about our world. I am proud of our students. At a time in their lives when thoughts can easily focus on material wants or peer approval, our students are looking out for each other and those beyond our community. From raising money for hurricane relief or cancer research to collecting food and donating toys for local families, Rectory students are aware and they care.

Ms. O'Neil recently made treats for her study hall students. I told her what a nice gesture that was, and she responded, "Well, kindness is the new cool." Fortunately, kindness has been cool at Rectory for a long time, but I will never tire of it, nor will our community ever cease to value this importance of bettering the lives of others while always looking to improve ourselves.

~Fred Williams, Headmaster

This is Humanity: Rectory School Coronavirus Documentary

This documentary, produced in two weeks, is dedicated to people affected by the coronavirus, the ones of Wuhan in particular. I hope that this brief message will bring light to those who are living in darkness. I want to let them know that even across the Pacific Ocean, there are people who care about them deeply and wish them well. What is happening to part of the world is impacting the entire planet. So we, as a species, or a generation at least, should step up and make a change. We will never forget our roots, for our heart is tied to our home.

~Minzhi (Yoyo) Z. 21, Director and Editor

Kindness & Community Service News

Another Successful Heart-y Party
Maria Sangiolo, Heart-y Party Coordinator

Throughout the day on Thursday, December 19, members of our community gathered in the library to take part in the Heart-y Party, Rectory School's party with heart. For the first time, a Heart-y Party Community Service elective was offered to Rectory students, who kept busy during the fall term fringing and sewing hats, collecting donations, contacting human service agencies to obtain numbers of local children being served, read stories to children at CARE and other various service efforts.

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CARe visits the TEEG Food Pantry
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

It is never too early to start teaching kindness to others through our words and actions. This year we are teaming up with TEEG (Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group) to support three giving opportunities this winter. Our preschool group delivered nine bags of donated food and hygiene products and toured the Food Pantry.

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