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Our K-1 Connecting with our Elderly Neighbbors
Our K-1 Connecting with our Elderly Neighbbors
Maria Carpenter, Director Elmentary School

During the Holidays, the elementary children enjoyed celebrating the season by caroling at Sealy Brown Village in Pomfret, CT. The 31 residents enjoyed singing Christmas and Hanukkah songs with Mrs. Besette, along with an impromptu singing of Happy Birthday to an elderly friend who was celebrating his birthday. This initial visit gave our K-1 Teacher, Rebecca Swanson, the opportunity to begin thinking about how to continue building relationships with our elderly neighbors.

As Valentine Day approached, we contacted Sealy Brown and arranged a special visit to celebrate the holiday of friendship and spreading love with the residents. Mrs. Swanson designed activities for our K-1 children to read stories to their elderly "buddy" and made beautiful Valentine Cards. The children were so excited to present their gifts to their friends, and remind them of the meaning of the holiday and create an opportunity to share memories of previous Valentine's Days. Since returning to campus, our K-1 children have created new drawings of their favorite things, along with letters to practice their writing skills and best handwriting which we look forward to delivering soon. Sometimes, it's just a simple act of kindness that can make a big difference in a person's life... and, our K-1 children are determined to bring sunshine to their elderly friends and make the world a better place!