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George S. Brewster Odeum Initiative

Rectory's music program is one of the best in the region. As our fine arts programs grow, more space is needed to house all of our lessons, classes, and practice sessions. The construction of this Odeum is much needed and will accommodate all of our very talented musicians. To learn more about this exciting project, click on the video links below to hear Head of School Fred Williams along with current and past music faculty outline Rectory's needs and the transformative impact your support will have.

Introduction to the Odeum Initiative

Music Faculty Message

Music faculty, past and present, describe the importance of music to the Rectory School experience and the opportunities and benefits that will be provided by construction of a new rehearsal space.

Bursting at the Seams

Watch as Rectory students and faculty set up and break down current rehearsal spaces to make the most efficient use of existing resources. The Odeum will eliminate much of this process and allow for maximum rehearsal time for our students.

Naming Opportunities

Donations to Rectory School at the following levels may name the spaces listed below:

Rooftop Deck: $250,000
Rehearsal Room: $200,000
Practice Room: $50,000
Personal Music Locker: $10,000
Personal Music Chair: $5,000


The Time is Now!

If you would like to get involved in supporting this initiative, or if you have questions about how to donate via wire transfer or student account, please contact David Turner at or (860) 963-6740 ext 340. To make a donation now to the George S. Brewster Odeum, fill out the form below.

Donate to the Odeum via Credit Card