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A Heartfelt Thank You!

A Message From Fred Williams

The Annual Fund for Rectory provides a meaningful, yearly opportunity to affirm your support for Rectory School’s mission, faculty, and students. Your support of the Annual Fund has an immediate impact on the quality of education at Rectory School.

What is the Annual Fund for Rectory?
Gifts to the Annual Fund for Rectory provide necessary resources to support financial aid, faculty resources and education, academic programming, athletics, and the arts. Yearly gifts to the annual fund ensure that the school can support financial aid, professional development for faculty, in classroom resources, athletics, and the arts.

Why is it important?
The Annual Fund is vitally important to the daily operations of Rectory and bridges the gap between tuition dollars and the true cost of operating the school. A gift to the Annual Fund for Rectory supports financial aid, enhances our academic programs, and provides resources to attract and retain our valued faculty.

Why should I participate?
Whether you are a parent, alum, grandparent, or friend a gift, of any amount, to the Annual Fund for Rectory is a tangible way to demonstrate your appreciation for Rectory’s past and commitment to its future.

Will my gift make a difference?
YES! Every gift to the Annual Fund for Rectory makes an immediate, positive impact on campus. Whether your gift is used to bolster financial aid dollars, provide necessary updates to classrooms and campus buildings, or to ensure faculty have access to professional development each and every year, your gift will make a difference here.