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Spiritual Life

The Middle School Chorus lined up at Pomfret School's Clark Chapel.

Rectory School believes in educating the whole child. Therefore, we nurture and support the spirituality of each student. One day a month, the community attends Chapel across the road at Christ Episcopal Church, a place of importance in the history of Rectory School. We gather for a non-denominational service that respects all faiths. This monthly chapel is organized by age group, allowing students to hear a message and to take part in reflection that is age-appropriate/tailored to their age. Here in the beautiful surroundings, the students and faculty are free to pray, become centered, or sit quietly and reflect. During the monthly chapel, students acknowledge the importance of recognizing and respecting one another’s spiritual journey by reciting the Rectory Chapel Covenant:

We are each on a sacred journey to understand who we are in the context of the wide and wonderful world we share with one another. Though our neighbors’ journeys may, at times, seem different from our own, we honor, respect, and celebrate that each one of us is wonderfully created, each one of us is special, and each person’s journey is, indeed, sacred.

We are based and were founded in the Christian tradition. While we honor all faiths, we offer the opportunity for students to attend weekend services (Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish). Students also have the option of attending a Buddhist Temple, however, not on a weekly basis. On a daily basis at Rectory, we emphasize the importance of developing character. We help our students recognize the needs of others and their moral responsibility to help through activities that promote good citizenship and community service.