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Rectory Traditions

Rectory's Black and Orange Competition is fierce when playing volleyball.

When a school has been in operation for 100 years, it's only natural that there are some longstanding--and perhaps some not-so-longstanding--traditions. Whether they've been around for years or decades, happen once a year or several times a year, Rectory School traditions are some of the things that make Rectory so unique...and so much fun!

Fun Fridays

"Fun Fridays" are events or activities on a designated Friday each month. These events provide an opportunity for boarding and day students to get together and socialize. All day students are assigned to a dormitory and allowed to remain on campus between the end of the sports period and the start of the Fun Friday event. 

The 2022-2023 school year's inaugural "Fun Friday" was a return of the annual Faculty vs. 9th-grade soccer game and carnival fun on the pavilion. There were bounce houses and treats for everyone.