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A group of six boys having pizza in the dorm common room.

24/5: Rectory's 5-Day Boarding Program

The Best of Both Worlds: 

Rectory’s 5-day boarders have access to the unique and transformative opportunities of a traditional boarding school while still being able to enjoy time on the weekends with family and friends. 

All of the exceptional services and programs you desire for your child in one setting:
  • High-value academic, electives, arts, and athletic offerings.
  • Onsite tutoring integrated seamlessly into the academic day.
  • Structured study halls, as well as standardized tech-time and lights out, support academic and personal goals. (No more tears for parents over technology, homework, or bedtime.)
  • Expert staff implement comprehensive health and wellness programs.
  • Teachers available for extra help outside of a typical school day's hours.
  • Increased collaboration time on group projects with classmates.
  • Global student population creates a diverse community in a beautiful rural setting.
  • A dress code that helps students dress for success (and learn how to put a matching outfit together--in most cases).
  • Growth opportunities position students for success in high school and beyond.