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Maddie talking with Katie in her dorm room as Katie works on homework while sitting on her bed.

Welcome to Your Home Away from Home: Residential Life at Rectory School

"Rectory is relationships," and some of the most important relationships are created within the framework of the residential community.

Whether it's more academic support or more significant academic enrichment, a wider variety of arts, or athletics, you are looking for something more for your child than what your local schools can offer. Also, as our world becomes smaller, an emphasis on cultural awareness and diversity becomes increasingly important. Boarding school provides:

  • STRUCTURE: Evening and weekend study halls teach time management and help create good study habits. Personal technology limits increase the likelihood of success and build an appropriate respect for rules.
  • COMMUNITY: Being a member of a large, close-knit community lends itself to increased leadership skills, empathy, and understanding of one's self and those around them.
  • CULTURE: Friendships with students from around the world provide opportunities to embrace an incredibly diverse culture at such a young age.
  • FRIENDSHIPS: Make lifelong friends from around the world.
  • INDEPENDENCE: Learn to be independent earlier in life and build a foundation for future success.

Learn Life Skills & Have Fun

Why Boarding at Rectory

The boarding environment simulates a home away from home and the dormitory parents offer support and guidance to the students as they navigate through their middle school years. At Rectory, every student forms connections to adults in the community. These relationships form naturally as the faculty spend the majority of their time with the students. Every morning, each student awakens to a knock on the door and a cheerful "good morning" and every evening the students go to bed with a caring, "good night." The time in between is filled with academics, delicious food, athletics, and fun activities. The partnership between parents and dormitory parents is very important as, hand-in-hand, they create the positive residential experience for our boarding students.

Rectory Is A Second Family

While Rectory cannot replace a child’s real family, it is dedicated to providing boarding students with an enriched and supportive community, which becomes their home-away-from-home. Rectory meets the individual needs of each student–boarder or day–and also asks each child to contribute his or her particular aptitudes or skills to the Rectory family. In this supportive atmosphere, they get to know themselves and become confident, lifelong learners and contributors.