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Discover the World of Studio Arts at Rectory

Two middle school students in their art class are engrossed in their creative work as they work with a lump of clay.

Inspiring Creativity from Kindergarten to 9th Grade

Welcome to the Vibrant World of Visual Arts at Rectory! Step into our state-of-the-art Collins Family Art Barn, where students from kindergarten to 9th grade explore the wonders of design, color, texture, and form. Through hands-on experiences and age-appropriate lessons, we ignite creativity and passion, guiding students through a journey of artistic discovery. From mastering techniques to delving into art history and criticism, every brushstroke and creation is celebrated. Join us as we grade not just on skill, but on individual effort, originality, and the boundless creativity that shapes our artistic community.

Studio Arts

Elementary School Studio Arts

In the Elementary School studio art classes students’ explore their science curriculum through a variety of hands-on and multimedia projects. Students are encouraged to take risks and work through their mistakes.

5th-Grade Art

Throughout the school year, fifth-grade art students create 2D and 3D projects. Along the way students learn two-point perspective, new ceramic building techniques, and create both painting and drawing projects.

6th-Grade Art

Throughout the school year, sixth-grade art students create 2D and 3D projects. Along the way students learn about perspective through creating optical illusions, experiment with new ceramic building techniques, and create both painting and drawing projects.

7th-Grade Art

In the 7th grade, students are introduced to the elements of art. Using these elements as guidelines they produce an array of interesting 2D and 3d projects throughout the term. This course encourages students to experiment with new mediums and express themselves creatively.

8th-Grade Exploring Art

The eighth-grade Exploring Art class focuses on developing prior art and design knowledge and provides new opportunities to explore these skills. This course exposes students to a wide array of 2D and 3D projects and encourages students to challenge themselves along the way.

8th-Grade Ceramics

The Ceramics class uses the hand-building techniques of slab, coil and pinch pot construction to create a variety of decorative or functional ceramic pieces. Students experiment with various sgraffito techniques and colorfully finish their work using paint or glazes. Ceramics terminology and history are also discussed.

8th-Grade Printmaking

The eighth-grade printmaking class builds on previous drawing and painting knowledge to develop a new set of skills. In this course, students will learn the basics of printmaking and create projects using several printmaking techniques.

8th-Grade Woodshop

Woodshop is an introduction to the basics of woodworking. Students focus on safety, the understanding of terminology and techniques, and tools. Students also learn the difference in wood types and their characteristics and uses. They work on a variety of projects throughout the term and produce items that showcase their skills. 

9th-Grade Photography

The 9th-grade photography class is designed to introduce students to basic camera operation, film development, and darkroom techniques. Students also work with pinhole cameras, cyanotype printing, and building camera obscures to help them better understand the photographic process. Projects are based on the elements of photography and students are encouraged to develop their own unique photographic eye.

9th-Grade Introduction to Art

The purpose of the ninth-grade visual art class is to provide students with the opportunity to challenge their artistic abilities and build a deeper understanding of how to think creatively. Throughout the year the ninth grade art students explore painting, drawing, printmaking, 3D mobile sculptures, and ceramic construction. No matter the project, students are encouraged to take risks and develop their artistic voice along the way.

Digital Media

This course uses technology to help students express themselves creatively in three disciplines: digital filmmaking, electronic media communications, and graphic design. Essentially, the classroom becomes the center of Communications for Rectory School. Students learn to make their own audiovisual presentations through iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.

Let Ace A. '25 Guide You Through the Art Barn