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Spectator Policy

Rectory Spectator Policy

Rectory’s spectator policy for athletic contests aligns with the guidelines and policies set forth by the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC). The policy emphasizes adherence to NEPSAC standards to ensure a positive and inclusive environment for all attendees. By following NEPSAC guidelines, Rectory School aims to promote fair play, sportsmanship, and a supportive atmosphere during athletic events, fostering a sense of community engagement and school spirit among spectators. 

Guidelines For Spectators: 

  1. Spectators—whether students, faculty, parents, alumni, or friends—bear important responsibilities to the school for the atmosphere and conduct of games, whether home or away. 
  2. Spectators should support their team while remaining respectful and courteous to all players, officials, and other fans, including the opposing team.
  3. Spectators should watch games from the areas defined by each school as spectator areas. 
  4. Spectators should not use profanity, gestures, taunt, or disturb players, coaches, or officials at any time before, during, or after the game. Examples include,
    1. Making sounds during an opponent's free throw during a basketball game.
    2. Making comments at an official or the opposing team. 
    3. Calling out players on the other team by their number.
  5. Spectators should not run up and down the sidelines or go onto the field of play at any time.
  6. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is not permitted at any athletic event. 

Spectators should seek out an athletic administrator or coach with any concerns. Any action that detracts from the ability of coaches, players, and officials to do their best is not acceptable. Individuals who fail to comply with the spectator policy and guidelines may be asked to leave the event.

It is imperative that faculty members at Rectory School are well-acquainted with the institution's Spectators Policy for athletic events. Faculty members should actively support and uphold the policy during such occasions, serving as role models for respectful behavior and adherence to guidelines. 

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