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Elizabeth Zimmermann '84 "Zim" with her son Noah '19 outside of Brittain House during 2018's Fall Family Weekend.

Few people can claim as many Rectory roles as Elizabeth “Zim” Zimmermann ‘84. She is an alumna, past parent, collaborator, and Trustee. From her first day as a student, she carried herself in a way that let everyone around her know she was ready for anything. A star in the classroom and on the athletic fields, Zim moved on from Rectory knowing in the back of her mind that some part of the school would always be with her. She reconnected with the school in the early 2010s, and now, as a successful business owner and devoted Trustee, she is heavily invested in the continued success of Rectory School. Click here to read more about Zim’s many-faceted Rectory experiences.

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Quadry Anderson '09 at Rectory's gym.

Quadry Anderson ‘09 uprooted his life from the hustle and bustle of New York City and established himself on the quiet, country campus of Rectory School in Pomfret. Ten years later, he did it again. One of few people in Rectory history who can claim to be student, alumnus, coach, and faculty, Anderson feels like he can relate to everyone at Rectory because--at one time or another--he was in their shoes. Click here to read more about what attracted Quadry Anderson to Rectory School TWICE.

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Spencer Kuchle '05 standing in front of  a "Backtalk" exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Spencer Kuchle ‘05--like most new students--was nervous on his first day at Rectory School. It didn’t take long, however, for him to realize how much he liked the other students and appreciated the involvement of the faculty. During his years at Rectory, Kuchle developed a passion for learning and thoughtful personal expression. That passion carried him to a PhD in African American Studies and, more recently, to co-curating an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute entitled Backtalk. Click here to read more about how Spencer Kuchle used his Rectory education to help spark dialogue on important social issues through art.

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Rectory alumnus, Christian Vital '13 taking a basketball shot during a UCONN Game.

Christian Vital '13 is a basketball player on the cusp of fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA. His coach at Rectory, Brad Seaward, described Vital as “...always the first person in the gym and the last one to leave.” It was clear that his talent was undeniable, as was his work ethic, but it was at Rectory where Vital learned to stretch his comfort zone to become an exceptional student, athlete, and young man. He credits his Rectory experience with giving him the ability to communicate with anyone regardless of personal differences. Click read more to learn about Vital's career.

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Alden Mills on stage talking to a filled auditorium about his book.

Alden Mills '84 was a self-described "two-left-footed kid with asthma" who struggled initially to find his place on the athletic field. His coaches at Rectory gradually helped Mills believe in himself, and it was their belief in him that propelled him to future success in athletics—earning a tryout for the United States Olympic crew team--and in his career—first as a Navy SEAL and now as a global entrepreneur. Click read more to learn about Mills' transition from uncoordinated middle-schooler to Navy officer to successful businessperson.

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Min Jae Yoo '09 and Minseung "Clint" Yoo '11, photo for Team Korea. Photo courtesy of Korea Lacrosse Association.

Min Jae Yoo '09 tried out for Team Korea in 2013 when the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championship (ASPAC), a biannual international competition, was held in Beijing, China. He made the team, along with his brother Minseung "Clint" '11, and plays as a long stick midfielder for the team.

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