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Featured Alumni

Alden Mills on stage talking to a filled auditorium about his book.

Alden Mills ‘84 Reflects on his Years at Rectory and how they shaped his future success. Alden encourages his fellow alumni to return to Rectory and talk with current students. "Trust me, they’ll relate with your stories! 

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Min Jae Yoo '09 and Minseung "Clint" Yoo '11, photo for Team Korea. Photo courtesy of Korea Lacrosse Association.

Min Jae Yoo '09 tried out for Team Korea in 2013 when the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championship (ASPAC), a biannual international competition, was held in Beijing, China. He made the team, along with his brother Minseung "Clint" '11, and plays as a long stick midfielder for the team.

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Professional photo of Zeke Freeman '89 leaning up against a tree with trees behind him.

Ezekiel "Zeke" Freeman ‘89 gained an appreciation for homegrown fruits and vegetables and the rich heritage of artisanal food production while growing up on his family’s farm in Northwestern Pennsylvania. As an adult, he turned his passion for preparing food for family and friends into a full-time pursuit of the culinary arts.

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