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Alumni Awards

Oscar & Kevin Tang, recipients of Rectory's 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award, posing with their wives and Mr. Williams.

Each year Rectory recognizes the outstanding service and accomplishments of its alumni and community members. During our Alumni Reunion Weekend dinner, Rectory celebrates individuals who have distinguished themselves by achieving the high levels of professional and community accomplishments and who possess absolute standards of integrity and character to positively reflect and enhance Rectory School and the world around them.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented annually to an alumnus, faculty or staff member (past or present), or friend of Rectory who has demonstrated outstanding characteristics and compassionate qualities in their communities, professions, and philanthropic endeavors. The person to receive this award lives the Rectory School Creed: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, and Compassion.

Lisa Levesque Portrait

She did a little bit of everything early in her professional life. In nearly thirty years as a Rectory School employee, she’s done a little bit of everything here as well. Everything she does is done impeccably. As school archivist and a senior administrator, she is entrusted with the stewardship of some of Rectory’s most invaluable resources. No amount of praise would suffice to express Rectory’s gratitude to Distinguished Service Award winner, Lisa Levesque.

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Michael Kempner standing with wife and son on the mezzanine of Rectory's Tang Center

They began their Rectory journey over 50 years ago. They have served the school as student, parent, alumnus, grandparent, trustee, and benefactor. One or both of them had their hand in nearly every important development at Rectory since their arrival. In fact, that Rectory still stands today, and on such solid ground, has much to do with the tireless efforts of Carl Kempner, Sr. and Michael Kempner ‘70.

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Rectory School's Athletic Wall of Honor

This award is presented annually to people whose contributions and accomplishments have brought prestige and honor to Rectory School and its athletic program. Recipients are individuals of outstanding quality, high moral character, and fine leadership qualities and are held in high esteem by their colleagues, coaches, and athletes.

Rectory School's Emerging Leader Award

This award is presented annually to a Rectory alumnus who is in the first five years of his or her career and has demonstrated inspiring leadership qualities, entrepreneurship, innovation, and community involvement across their academic and professional lives.

Jamel Torrence '09 sits in a directors chair in front of a green background with the 'Rising Star Awards" logo behind.

He stood out at Rectory for, among other things, committing simple acts of kindness. He learned the value of hard work during his middle school years. When first looking for internships in marketing, he heard the word “no” a lot because he lacked experience. He took action to be sure the next time he put himself out there, he would get his first professional “yes.” His star has only risen from there as Jamel Torrence ‘09 has built a promising career designing creative brand campaigns for his clients

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Yeo-Bi Choi '10, a beautiful young Asian  woman, sits in front of a duck pond with trees and a stone bridge in the background

She was a trailblazer at a young age. She was among the first group of Rectory student ambassadors, and she captained the first girls golf team. She has studied and worked at several of the most esteemed institutions of higher learning in the United States and blazes a trail once again by working to identify improved care and treatment for individuals on the autism spectrum. Rectory gave her unconditional love, she says, when she arrived in a new country at a young age; now, Yeo Bi Choi ‘10 gives all that she has to make our world a better, more knowledgeable place.

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