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Featured Alumni

Daniel Dinov '04

       Coming from Brooklyn, New York, Daniel Dinov was apprehensive about the prospect of boarding school. Still, with the events of 9/11 and his current school's dwindling size, his parents sought a different educational path for him. Daniel began his journey at Rectory in eighth grade, and despite his initial reluctance, he reflects on his time at Rectory with gratitude, stating, “It was one of the best experiences I could have had.”

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Jordan Brandon '14

Jordan's journey began in New York City, where he was born and raised, attending a public middle school. Despite his urban upbringing, Jordan yearned for a closer connection to nature. This longing led his parents to explore boarding school options, leading them to the quiet corner of Connecticut to tour the Rectory campus. This was the third school he and his family toured, and instantly, Jordan knew it would be his last.

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Clara Dowdle ‘23

As many students do, Clara began her academic journey at a public school. There she gained leadership skills, discovered new ideas, and learned from others’ perspectives, knowing this would lay a strong foundation. But Clara was looking for more of a challenge. So, with her family’s support, she decided to switch to Rectory. Now, less than a year after graduation, that decision is paying dividends. Clara has established a legacy of community service efforts and is reaching for the sky—literally and figuratively.


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Maxwell Green Wright '15

Embracing Transformation: Max's Inspirational Journey from Student to Mentor at Rectory School

In the summer of 2011, Max embarked on a transformative journey that would shape his life in ways he never imagined. His path led him from being a curious Rectory student to now serving as an integral part of Rectory's admissions team, completing a full circle that highlights the profound impact of his boarding school experience. Max's journey to Rectory began with a simple inquiry from his mother about boarding school—an inquiry that quickly turned into a life-changing decision. Upon touring Rectory, Max knew immediately that this was the place for him.


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Sara Markes '10

Empowering Others Through Resilience and Compassion

Sara Markes, born with cerebral palsy, has defied physical and mental challenges to become a beacon of resilience and compassion. Her journey from Rectory School, where she found academic and personal fulfillment, shaped her profoundly. Sara's teachers cultivated her critical thinking, while experiences beyond classrooms, like volunteering and mentorship, fueled her empathy. She continued her education despite health setbacks, earning a degree in Industrial Psychology and diving into Dialectical Behavior Therapy during COVID. Driven by her passion and family ties to veterans, she aims to revolutionize PTSD treatment for soldiers. Sara's aspiration to return to Rectory reflects her gratitude and desire to pay it forward. Her story embodies resilience, dedication, and a profound commitment to making the world a better place.


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Theron Foley '87

During this year's Alumni Reunion Awards Dinner, Theron was honored with induction to the Athletic Wall of Honor. In his heartfelt acceptance speech, he shared his personal experiences at Rectory, expressing his gratitude towards the school and the individuals who had supported him throughout his journey.

**Excerpted from Theron Foley's speech and edited for print.


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