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Alumni Awards

Stitched photos show Fred Williams, Brad Seaward, Rob Perkin, and Maddy Hutchins at the alumni awards.

Each year Rectory recognizes the outstanding service and accomplishments of its alumni and community members. During our Alumni Reunion Weekend dinner, Rectory celebrates individuals who have distinguished themselves by achieving the high levels of professional and community accomplishments and who possess absolute standards of integrity and character to positively reflect and enhance Rectory School and the world around them.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented annually to an alumnus, faculty or staff member (past or present), or friend of Rectory who has demonstrated outstanding characteristics and compassionate qualities in their communities, professions, and philanthropic endeavors. The person to receive this award lives the Rectory School Creed: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, and Compassion.

Jay Milnor sits on a chair and gazes at the camera. He wears a light blue button down shirt.

How fortunate we are tonight to recognize former Rectory faculty member and trustee Jay Milnor, at the ripe age of 98, for having used this gift so wholehearted and to the benefit of so many.  His distinctions span military theaters, school campuses, and decades, though while the setting or era may change, Jay’s valor and altruism have been constantly and eminently present.

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Rectory School's Athletic Wall of Honor

This award is presented annually to people whose contributions and accomplishments have brought prestige and honor to Rectory School and its athletic program. Recipients are individuals of outstanding quality, high moral character, and fine leadership qualities and are held in high esteem by their colleagues, coaches, and athletes.

A black and white photo of Rory Burke from his teenage years. He smiles at the camera wearing a dark suit jacket and tie.

Rory Burke was an exceptionally talented and successful athlete, one of the best, in fact, to attend Rectory School.  His recognition is an acknowledgement of that and of an era where youth sports were truly amateur and recreational.  Rory excelled across three seasons on three different teams playing three different sports then served his country with distinction as a Marine.  For these reasons, we are proud to induct Rory Burke into the Rectory School Athletic Wall of Honor.

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Rectory School's Emerging Leader Award

This award is presented annually to a Rectory alumnus who is in the first five years of his or her career and has demonstrated inspiring leadership qualities, entrepreneurship, innovation, and community involvement across their academic and professional lives.

Maddy Hutchings looks to her left and smiles. She wears glasses, dangly earrings, and a light blue top.

Fred Williams began his presentation of the Emerging Leader Award to Madeleine Hutchins ‘11 with a profile of Maddy’s time on Rectory’s campus. Faculty evaluations of her academic and social performance coalesced around three words: focused, inquisitive, and perceptive. She was, by all accounts, and excellent student who gave everything she had to every class, club, or activity of which she was a part.

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Jamel Torrence '09 sits in a directors chair in front of a green background with the 'Rising Star Awards" logo behind.

He stood out at Rectory for, among other things, committing simple acts of kindness. He learned the value of hard work during his middle school years. When first looking for internships in marketing, he heard the word “no” a lot because he lacked experience. He took action to be sure the next time he put himself out there, he would get his first professional “yes.” His star has only risen from there as Jamel Torrence ‘09 has built a promising career designing creative brand campaigns for his clients

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