Rectory School

An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)

Rectory School February is for Faculty Campaign Banner


Our Faculty is Extraordinary!

We're dedicating the month of February to celebrating this amazing group of people!

Take the time to honor our legendary faculty today with a gift to the Annual Fund for Rectory. Your gift enables Rectory to attract and retain the best teachers and tutors. It allows our teachers to offer an individualized approach to learning and supports an environment that provides a well-rounded experience for each child.


When we receive 100 gifts...

Faculty receive a classroom coffee delivery!

When we reach $100,000...

Faculty are treated to a special event!

Mae's Story:

"When you don’t fit into a box, it can be difficult for people to understand who you are. Sometimes it was even difficult for me to understand my place in the world. I knew that I wasn’t stupid, but I struggled to spell even my first name. The summer after 5th grade, I attended the summer session <at Rectory> where I met a teacher who wasn’t terrified by the fact that I was still working on letter sounds."

Read Mae's full story here.

Rectory is Relationships: Why I Give...

In honor of Maria Carpenter

-Ellen and Edward Browne P '14

In honor of Braden Long, for really "seeing" Noah, and helping him to bring out his best. We are very grateful for his time at Rectory!

-Elizabeth Zimmermann '84 and Tom Gardos P '19, Trustee

In honor of Mrs. Zahansky, Ms. Blakelock, and Ms. Fogarty: The school is a 2nd home to my grandchildren. Cannot thank the teachers and staff enough for all they do for each child. Wonderful education, not only academic, but cultural, civic, physical, and social

-Diane and Mario Saliga GP '25 '27

In honor of Ms. Morano because she is an awesome teacher

-S. Morse '22

In honor of Donna Bessette

-Phyllis and Woody Woodbridge GP '05

In honor of all the wonderful teachers and administrators at Rectory: Rectory was a gift to our daughter, and we want to continue to support this amazing school.

-Andrea and Marc Becker P '19

In honor of Deanna Hart-Rodman and the whole Rectory School Community: The Rectory community practices compassion in small and large ways. To take in a child who couldn't read and help a mother who wasn't able to help her own child was an active act of compassion and generosity.

-Virginia Sharpless P '15

In honor of Mr. Horvath: Rectory helped shape the person I am today.

-Robert Hoyt '84

In honor of Mrs. Zahansky: We moved Jotham from public school, where he had spent a long and tumultuous 3rd grade year, to Rectory and Mrs. Zahansky's class. Within a month, he was believing in himself and his abilities. We are so grateful and look forward to Jotham's continued success at Rectory!

-Kristin and Jotham Burrello P '20 '25

Thanks to all the teachers

-Sung Hee Kim and Sung-Won Cho P '20