Rectory School

An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)

Rectory School February is for Faculty Campaign Banner


Our Faculty is Extraordinary!

We're dedicating the month of February to celebrating this amazing group of people!

Take the time to honor our legendary faculty today with a gift to the Annual Fund for Rectory. Your gift enables Rectory to attract and retain the best teachers and tutors. It allows our teachers to offer an individualized approach to learning and supports an environment that provides a well-rounded experience for each child.


When we receive 100 gifts...

Faculty receive a classroom coffee delivery!

When we reach $100,000...

Faculty are treated to a special event!

Mae's Story:

"When you don’t fit into a box, it can be difficult for people to understand who you are. Sometimes it was even difficult for me to understand my place in the world. I knew that I wasn’t stupid, but I struggled to spell even my first name. The summer after 5th grade, I attended the summer session <at Rectory> where I met a teacher who wasn’t terrified by the fact that I was still working on letter sounds."

Read Mae's full story here.

Rectory is Relationships: Why I Give...

In honor of all the faculty and staff that have embraced our children and welcomed them into the Rectory community

-Victoria and Nicholas Leveille P '23 '25

In honor of Miss O'Neil, Mr. Healy, and Miss Euglow

-Zoe Wilcox '16

In honor of Mrs. Billiard and Mr. Smith

-S. Wilcox '22

In honor of Mr. Brad Seaward and Mr. Healy

-Caleb Wilcox '14

In honor of Mrs. Haines, Mrs. Leveille, Mr. Roy, Mr. Shen, and Mr. Bryant

-Guining Liu and Rui Chen

For all the support and patience given to my son to help him grow

-Jennifer Tan and Danny Lee P '22

In honor of all teachers and staff

-Florence Chima P '19

In honor of Matt Vollinger and Colleen O'Neil

-Faye Vollinger

In honor of Jamie Haines: She is amazing! Rectory has been so good for our children. They are thriving, thank you!

-Jasmine and Frank Lee P '21 '23

In honor of the Rectory teachers: Positive experiences at Rectory led me to a career as a public school teacher.

-Sue and Robert Fernley '69