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Evan Campbell interviewing Becca Pagitt-Mungai, Director of Learning Services for Rectory's Welcome to the Wolf Pack podcast.

Welcome to the Wolf Pack Podcast

Your Host: Evan Campbell, Senior Enrollment Manager

Rectory School's Admissions Office presents "Welcome to the Wolf Pack," a new podcast designed to introduce you to the people of Rectory. Your host is Senior Enrollment Manager, Evan Campbell. During each episode, Evan will interview different members of the Rectory School community. Discussions include educational philosophy, school culture, and fun bits and pieces about Rectory's Wolf Pack Members.



Episode 3: Rebecca Pagitt-Mungai, Director of Learning Services

In episode three of Welcome to the Wolf Pack we go in depth with Director of Learning Services Becca Pagitt-Mungai to find out why Becca sees learning services as more than just academic support, why Becca loves working at the school her daughter attends, and which member of the Royal Family Becca gave flowers to as a child!

Episode 2: Rob Roy, Teacher, Coach, Dorm Parent

Evan Campbell interviewing Rob Roy in the admissions conference room.

In this episode of Welcome to the Wolf Pack we catch up with science teacher and varsity basketball and baseball coach Rob Roy. Listen in to hear which of his roles here is Rob's favorite, Rob's thoughts on sports specialization, and when he knew he would marry his wife Courtney.

Episode 1: Fred Williams, Head of School

Evan Campbell interviewing Head of School Fred Williams for the "Welcome to the Wolf Pack" podcast.

Join Senior Enrollment Manager Evan Campbell as he sits down with Head of School Fred Williams in the first episode of the Welcome to the Wolf Pack podcast. We'll hear what a day in the life of a Head of School looks like, which teacher from Fred's past impacted him the most, and which question made Fred plead the fifth.

It's About Relationships

Just like wolves, Rectory builds strong relationships and building those relationships starts here. Our team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us anytime. 

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