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Bigelow Scholarship

Three young boys in front of The Rectory School sign--circa 1935.

Established in 2016, the Bigelow Scholarship is awarded to two newly enrolling Grade 7 or Grade 8 students (one day, one boarding) who best embrace the ideals that Mr. John Bigelow sought in all students. These ideals, which Rectory seeks to cultivate in all students, have defined a Rectory student from the Schoolโ€™s inception up to our current day. In Mr. Bigelowโ€™s words, these ideals are:

โ€œTo work well, to play well; to think clearly, to speak truth; to win without pride, to lose without rancor; to have courage, and to be kind. This is a goal for the greatest: It is a goal that the least may reach."

--John Brittain Bigelow โ€˜24

To honor the vision of our founding family, Rectory will award an annual scholarship to two deserving students (one boarding and one day) who meet the stated criteria. The Bigelow Scholarship will be ongoing through the studentsโ€™ time at Rectory, granted the recipient continues to uphold the characteristics set forth by Mr. John Bigelow.

  • Bigelow Scholarship for Boarding Student: Up to $20,000
  • Bigelow Scholarship for Day Student: Up to $5,000

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  • Father Frank and Mabel Bigelow tutored two students, John B. Bigelow (their son) and George C. Holt in the Rectory of Christ Church in 1920.
  • There were a total of six boys in residence at the Rectory of Christ Church by 1922.
  • The present school property was acquired in 1925.
  • John B. Bigelow '24 graduated from Harvard University in 1933 and began teaching at Rectory that same year.
  • The Rectory School was incorporated the summer of 1935 and passed from the personal ownership of Father and Mrs. Bigelow to the control of a self-perpetuating board of trustees.
  • Father Bigelow passed away on March 17, 1937.
  • John B. Bigelow '24, lovingly referred to as "Mr. John," became Rectory's second Headmaster in 1937 (he was 27 years old).
  • Mrs. Mabel "Mother" Bigelow retired as Headmistress from The Rectory School in 1943.
  • Assisted by his wife, Doris, in the late 1940s, Mr. John initiated and developed a substantial tutorial program for students with dyslexia, a program to which Rectory remains committed. The program, now known as IIP (Individualized Instruction Program), is designed to address a range of academic needs (remediation and enrichment) with seamless integration into the academic day.
  • Mr. John was a member and treasurer (1959-1973) of the International Dyslexia Association (formerly the Orton Society).
  • Mr. John retired from Rectory in 1974 after 41 years of service to the School.
  • John B. Bigelow passed away on January 14, 2000.
  • Although much larger now than in its early years, Rectory remains the School that the Bigelows envisioned, a place that nurtures and develops both mind and character.

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