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Mrs. Carpenter reads to children in front of the Hale Elementary School.

Why Rectory's Elementary School?

Because understanding your child is our highest priority...and our greatest strength!

At Rectory, we know not all students learn the same way. Rectory’s supportive environment enables us to create a Personalized Learning Plan that fits your child.

Rectory's Elementary School welcomes and nurtures children in an engaged community of students, teachers, administration, and parents. We provide children with an enriching environment where they are guided and inspired to discover and celebrate their unique social, emotional, and cognitive potential while experiencing the importance of community.

Hear From Current Rectory Parents

Click on the images below to hear what current Rectory parents have to say about Rectory's Elementary School.

Mrs. Zahansky watches as William and Ashley work a circuit project.
Legendary Faculty

The heart and soul of the Rectory experience are our legendary faculty. By "legendary" we mean teachers who have a profound impact on the lives of their students, the kind of impact that lasts a lifetime.

An Individualized Approach

We believe that young people learn best when surrounded by adults who believe they can succeed. This is the cornerstone of Rectory's elementary school programs.

Individualized Instruction

In IIP students build skills, develop executive functioning strategies, and gain the remediation and enrichment they need to thrive in Rectory's academic program.

Students Apply Their Learning

Rectory students apply what they have learned to new and novel situations. They are the kinds of students who can identify a problem and develop an actionable solution. 

MELP Jr. Studios

During one week in March, elementary students are given additional exposure to the arts by connecting learning to a children's book author. Each day, the author focuses an arts experience to a book and introduce students to a variety of art media.

We Are Family

We work hard to foster a community built on mutual and unwavering acceptance for one another.  Students are encouraged to live the Rectory School Creed: RespectResponsibilityHonesty, & Compassion.