Rectory School

An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)

What Our Parents Are Saying:

Teaches Independence and Self-Advocacy

Five-day boarding at Rectory allowed our kids to focus on school during the week—no running around to lessons or practices or appointments, or trying to do homework in a busy household with endless distractions—but be home enough on weekends and breaks for us to remain closely involved in each other’s lives. We wanted the small classes and extra attention available at an independent school, but a day school plus club sports would have meant hours in the car every day, so boarding made more sense.

Boarding taught our boys to be independent and live comfortably away from home, to advocate for themselves with teachers, to negotiate complex social situations, and to find common ground with kids from all over the world--and coming home every weekend gave them a chance to breathe after a busy week.

Five-day boarding also allowed them to keep playing club hockey, which is an every-weekend commitment from Labor Day to late March or early April, and which is not optional for kids who want to advance in the sport.

Carolyn and Kenneth Ackerman, South Coast, MA

We Highly Recommend It!

We are very pleased with the 5-Day Boarding Program and highly recommend it to any family considering this option for their child! The 5-Day Boarding Program created an opportunity for our daughter to attend Rectory School to experience for the first time a boarding school environment at a middle school age. She has greatly benefitted from the Individualized Instruction Program and the supervised study halls which have made a tremendous impact on her academic and executive functioning skills. Also, as a 5-day boarder, our daughter has experienced a diverse residential environment and as a result has grown to become more well-rounded while still having the support of her family on the weekends. The flexibility of staying at school on the weekends for athletic and special events has been a big plus for our daughter as it gives her time to be included in activities during non-academic times.

Polly and Breck Perkins, Southeastern CT

Benefits from the Structure at Rectory

The 5-Day Boarding Program worked best for both our son and our family. When we first talked with our son about Rectory, he struggled with being away from home all the time but was more open to being away from home when he knew he would be back home on Friday night. Now he enjoys the benefit of 5-day boarding so he can participate in his sporting activities that are outside of Rectory School. Our son is able to be a important member of the Rectory community even though he is only boarding five days. He enjoys the structure and scheduling Rectory provides for all day and boarding students.  

Melissa & Bill O'Neill, Metro-Boston, MA