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Summer Programs

Rectory's COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rectory's 2020 Summer Programs were cancelled. Please stay-tuned for information regarding Rectory's 2021 Summer Session. Please contact Lesley Gibbs if you have questions. 

Continue learning and growing during the beautiful summer days on Rectory's campus. From pre-school to ninth grade, Rectory's summer programs offer opportunities for creativity, discovery, and friendships, all while continuing to build an educational foundation.


July 5-31, 2020

Co-ed Day and Boarding

Summer@Rectory is Rectory's four-week summer program for boys and girls entering grades five through nine. The program offers a full day of morning classes and afternoon activities for both day and boarding students. The morning academic program provides choices for students to challenge their skills, refresh academic knowledge, improve study skills, increase their English language proficiency, or explore new interests. The afternoon program includes an hour-long focus program for students to cultivate their interests outside the classrooms. Students also participate in daily Team Competitions, earning points for their team throughout the four-week program.

Summer@Rectory weekend activities are always very popular. Boarding students are required to attend all weekend trips, and day students are welcome to participate. State parks, resorts, athletic events, and adventure parks are just a few of the places found on our exciting, fun-filled weekend schedule.


Summer@Rectory Contacts


Day Camp at Rectory School

June 29-August 7, 2020

The Day Camp at Rectory School is for boys and girls ages 4-13. The Day Camp is designed to develop emerging self-esteem, foster independence, and teach cooperation and team work. The Day Camp at Rectory School provides enjoyable activities that contribute to well-rounded development, while occupying and entertaining young minds. Our organized activities provide a safe environment for making friends and socializing.


Day Camp at Rectory Contacts

Mrs. Dena O'Hara
Camp Director

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Rectory's summer programs offer a great way to dip your toe into the Rectory School experience. Learn more about our full academic program by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Imagine Your Child...

Rectory offers many hands-on experiences in the middle school.

Immersed in small-group hands-on activities that inspire them to question, explore, and seek answers.

Engaged in their learning because of teachers who connect lessons to real-life experiences.