Rectory School

An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)


Technological developments, digital tools, and instantaneous access to people and information are changing the ways we teach and learn. However, student achievement, progress, and performance remain at the core of Rectory’s decision-making about embedding technology in our academic programs, and Rectory’s technology vision statement guides our journey. With four tenets, the vision statement starts with Rectory’s mission and ends with reaching throughout the world.


  • Coalesce technology with Rectory School’s mission to support individual learning and educational best practices.
  • Embed technology into our teaching, learning, and communicating to ensure active, engaged, informed, and creative students and teachers.
  • Infuse our community with a strong foundation of current and emerging technological understanding to embrace a changing world and to lead into tomorrow.
  • Generate global connections through technology to collaborate and to expand knowledge.
Mr. Klett and Ryan B. in coding class


The conviction that this vision is about teaching and learning in this century informs our work. Driven by our School’s mission, the vision is about fulfilling Rectory’s commitment to support a range of learners by addressing the individual learning needs of each student.

It is about...

  • Creating an environment of diverse approaches to assessment and instruction.—nurturing excitement about thinking through collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • Fostering engagement, inquiry, and innovation.
  • Making global connections that extend the curriculum beyond the four walls of the School.
  • Preparing us, all of us, for a changing today and a changed tomorrow.


Mr. Bendall's Class using computers
Mr Klett's coding class
Student using a Chromebook in class.
Patty Shattuck and Jaden in IIP