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Wolf Den Sports Center
Wolf Den Sports Center
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

Boys Varsity A Basketball

Coach Seaward

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Vs. Putnam Science Academy

It was round three against the Mustangs as they returned to Colhoun Gymnasium. In what seemed to be a replay of the previous two games, it was a back and forth battle with the Wolves taking a small lead into halftime. In typical fashion, Rectory would develop a convincing lead, and their opponent found a way to come back. Strong contributions from the bench helped stretch the lead as the Wolves cruised their way to another solid victory.

Boys Varsity B Basketball

Coach Rodman

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Vs. Williston Northampton

In a hard-fought contest which featured turnovers, poor free throw shooting, and missed opportunities, the Varsity B Wolves were defeated by Williston 30-27. The team played with heart and determination, but simply made too many mistakes. Ryan C. was tremendous, battling Williston's huge front line and grabbing at least 20 rebounds. He was also a top scorer with 10 points. We will take on the Titans of Wilbraham Monson on 1/19/19.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vs. Wilbraham & Monson Academy

The Varsity B Wolves battled with a spirited squad from Wilbraham Monson School and came away with a 64-16 victory. It was an overall solid performance, with 10 of 12 players scoring. The defensive effort and rebounding were consistent throughout the entire game, never allowing the Titans to have any offensive rhythm. We look to continue our winning ways when we take on Valley View at home on 1/29/19.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Vs. Valley View School

In a hard-fought game, the Rectory Varsity B Wolves defeated Valley View School by a score of 47-33. The Wolves jumped out to a quick lead before Valley View settled down and found some offensive rhythm. Our defense was solid for the entire game, and we won the turnover battle, but our rebounding was fair, at best, as we gave away too many second-chance points. Ryan C. was the top scorer with 12 points, Bright S. scored 9, and Carson A. and George D. had an 8 piece. We look to avenge an early season loss to Kingswood Oxford at home on 2/2/19.

Boys JV Basketball

Coach Finnegan

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Vs. Renbrook School

The Wolves traveled to West Hartford to face against Renbrook School. The team started off rocky but then brought home a close win. With diligence and hard work, the boys managed to work around Renbrook's plays. Shoutouts to Justin K. for showing great work throughout the game and to Ryan K. for having a great first game on JV. Go Wolves!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Vs. Wheeler School

The Wolves traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to go up against Wheeler School. The team was excited to play and to see what the other team had to offer. Throughout the game, the boys made great passes and worked together to bring home a huge win. Shout out to Antonio H., Riley O. and Carter T. for working hard throughout today's game. Go Wolves!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Vs. Williams School

The Wolves traveled to New London to play one of their last away games against Williams School. Since the boys have seen William's play before, they knew exactly what to expect. Throughout the game, the boys worked hard to get the ball and score as many points as possible. Unfortunately, William's surprised the team with a full court press. This is something the team hasn't seen all season. With a quick lesson from Coach Burgess, the team attempted to break their press each time. All in all, the team walked away with a loss, but the team, in the end, learned new strategies that will benefit for the remainder of the season. Go Wolves!

Girls Varsity Basketball

Coach Fogarty

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Vs. Fay School

Girls Varsity team traveled to Fay School and walked away with a victory. All of the girls got the opportunity to play. The girls worked hard and never gave up! A special shoutout to Kayla P. for her hard work, leadership, and ability to move the ball around.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Vs. Wheeler

The girl's varsity team walked away with another victory on our home court. A special shoutout to Aria A. for her unstoppable jump shot! The girls have been working very hard in practice and continue to improve each week..

Girls JV Basketball

Coach Slocum

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Vs. Renbrook School

The Rectory Wolves came away with another victory today! We were pleased with the number of shots taken, showing that as a whole, the team's confidence is growing. Our passing looked good, and we are getting better at seeing the whole court and working as a team. Crashing the boards and immediately putting the ball back up on offense are areas which we continue to need to work on. Defense is always an area of strength for us; special shout-out to Hana I., Siera F., and Michelle N. on their tough defense in today's game. Well done and congratulations to the whole team!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Vs. Wheeler School

The Wolves took home another win today, this time on the road against Wheeler. As usual, the team demonstrated a strong defense that allowed Wheeler only six points in the first half, and zero in the second. The girls were quick and effective on offense; we had eight different players contribute to the scoreboard: Isabel D-B., Yuno Y., Michelle N., Zoey D., Gina Z., Umu D., Julianne J., and Mary-Aliya T. We continue to be impressed with the girls' teamwork, effort, and positive attitudes on and off the court.

Recreational Basketball

Coach Callanan

Monday, January 14, 2019

Vs. Intrasquad

We have officially moved our scrimmages to the full court. Our teams were ready to make the transition on to the larger court after a few weeks of practices and smaller scrimmages. This time around we had Mr. Roy referee our game and used the scoreboard. We split the kids up into two teams, Rectory vs. the Wolves. The teams were evenly matched this first game out. David W., Eric W., Nessa T., and Ashley F. were all key players when it came to hustling and effort. Toni E. played some great defense and had a couple steals. Each player stepped up and showed us what they had been working on the first half of the season. The Wolves ended up winning by only a few points, but the players had a great time and were already thinking about their next match up.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Vs. Intrasquad

We were back on the court for a rematch. The kids were fired up and ready to get back on the court for a game. This time around even more players began to shine. Daniel Y., Owen Z, Eric H., and Chloe W. all played well handling the ball and dribbling it up the court. Kate L. and Danielle C. were great contributors to their team's offense making a couple of baskets. Ridley B. played great defense making some steals and forcing the other team to have a number of turnovers.


Coach Richards

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vs. Pomfret School

Win, 7-0 (Competitive), 10-5 (Overall)

Rectory Squash headed back to our home courts for our second match against Pomfret. Looking to maintain our undefeated streak, we knew that consistency would earn us the result we wanted. Rectory was able to field all 15 active players for the match, which included seven competitive fixtures and eight exhibition matches.

Isabella W. had the match of the day in the #15 spot. Having gone down two games to 0 by scores of 9-11 and 12-14, Isabella was resilient in her play as she emphatically came back to win 3-2 with scores of 11-5, 11-7, and 11-7. Playing above Isabella, Paige G. showed good recovery in her play as she recentered herself in the court. While she came up short in games, Paige's willingness to move for each ball is commendable. Emilia G. almost took the first game in extra points thanks to her vicious chasing but was unable to capitalize on key chances to win the match. Johnny Z. grew with each game in the #12 spot. A narrow 12-10 win became a more comfortable 11-7 win before he dominated with an 11-4 final game. Above him, Summer J. fell in extra points in the first game. That did little to discourage her as she regained control and won the next three games while only conceding 17 points. Our #11, Isabella H. faced off against a tennis-playing opponent who made her move around the court. Her fitness helped keep her in the match, which she narrowly lost. Shawn W. went back and forth with his opponent in points and games. With the match ebbing and flowing so drastically, it was hard for a winner to emerge and Shawn came up on the wrong side. Bart L.'s serves continually caught his opponent off-guard in the #8 match. Pomfret's #8's ability to put the ball deep really made Bart work for points, but he ultimately missed out.

Our competitive fixtures were a dizzying series of games and matches where our skills and mental approach allowed our top players to dominate. Eric H. jumped out in his first game and handily won 11-1. While he needed to work harder for his next two games, he easily wrapped the match up with simple, deep shots. At #6, Brian L. had a five-game battle that was hard to predict. Heading into the final game, he knew that good length would lead to victory. An 11-3 win was evidence of Brian doing just that. Adam J. needed to stay calm and composed on the court in a match where punishing mistakes were the only way to win points. Adam needed some time to find his drop shot rhythm, but when he did, it guided him to a win. James had a real back and forth in the #4 spot. Heading into game 5, it became clear that the safer player would take the win. James played safe recovery shots and waited for his opponent to slip up on his way to a decisive 11-7 win. Playing his first match at #3, Alonso S. used his overwhelming power to severely limit his opponent's shots. When the Pomfret player began to stage a game three comeback, Alonso locked the match down with devastating rails on both sides of the court. The #2 match pitted Clement W. against an incredibly hard-working individual. Clement's normal arsenal of shots was not enough for him to dominate proceedings. Tied at 1-1, Clement expanded his shot selection and saw out a well-earned 3-1 victory. Brianna L. took on the mantle of the #1 spot for the first time in her Rectory career. Pitted against a Pomfret Varsity player, Brianna played masterfully. She played safe, smart balls, cut serves off the wall, and held her strokes expertly. Across the three games, she won 33-6 and could not have been more humble and respectful to her opponent.

It was a great day for Rectory as we ran away with a huge victory over our neighbors. The players know to not take victory lightly as we have the biggest match of our season, Eaglebrook, next Friday.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Vs. Eaglebrook

Win, 6-1 (Competitive), 7-2 (Overall)

The Wolves Squash Team embarked on the long, winding road trip up to Deerfield, MA to take on Eaglebrook. Having narrowly taken a victory last year, the returners knew that we would need to shake our bus legs and hit the courts ready. Buoyed by the return of our captains, Rectory was eager to get underway.

The two teams played two exhibition matches along with our normal set of seven competitive fixtures. Playing #9 for Rectory, Jojo L. took on a lefty who loved to volley. The two traded points and games initially before the Eaglebrook player found some form and grabbed the win. Adam J. faced power hitter who repeatedly tried to bury him in the back of the court. He recovered extremely well and won a vital 15-13 first game. Using his fitness, Adam ran the court for the next two games to knock his opponent off 3-0.

At the base of our competitive ladder, Brian L. played his second consecutive 5-game match. After falling behind 1-2, Brian turned the tempo up. He pinned his opponent to the corners and kept his shots frustratingly tight. The final two games were emphatically taken 11-2 and 11-4. Alonso S. continued his good run of form against the Eaglebrook #6. At his best, Alonso's shots were incisive and deadly. James J. likewise posted a strong victory with his hard work keeping his opponent to just 11 points in the three games. Our #4, Clement W., showed everyone what grace under pressure looks like. With his older brother (and Eaglebrook squash player) watching, Clement was ruthless as he took down the Eaglebrook player 11-2, 11-4, 11-3.

Co-captain Lauren E. made her return to the court against a very evenly matched player. After trading serves, Lauren found her groove and posted a powerful 13-11 win. The match went back and forth with neither player able to regain full control. In the end, the Eaglebrook player found just enough bounces to scrape a win. Brianna L. needed to stay sharp in her match against their #2. She found herself down in 3 of the four games but came back to win each one, including an efficient game 4 of 11-4. At the top, Leo L. played some of his best squash in the first two games as he won 11-1, 11-3. Not looking to go down without a fight, the Eaglebrook #1 rallied to push Leo to extra points in game 3. Leo didn't let this fluster him. He calmly stroked the ball to the back corners and quickly took the next 2 points to win 12-10.

It was an exciting day for Rectory Squash up north. Our talents were on full display, and all players on both teams showed great camaraderie. We returned to campus with our home match against Eagle Hill in our minds.


Coach Bradley

Friday, January 25, 2019

Vs. Worcester Academy

Rectory had another great swim at Worcester Academy. Halfway through the meet, after event five, it was all tied up. Misaki Y. improved her 200-yard freestyle by 3 seconds from our last meet, while Addy L. and Stephen C. both improved their 100-yard medley relay times. David L. and Jonathan C. both earned the team some big points by coming in first and second, respectively, in both the 50-yard freestyle and 50-yard breaststroke. One of our 200-yard freestyle relays consisting of Jonathan C., David L., Jim R., and Kim J. improved their time by 8 seconds. Going into the last event, the 400-yard freestyle relay, we were trailing Worcester Academy by 2 points, 37-39. We needed to come in first place in the final event to at least tie Worcester, and we, unfortunately, did not do that. Although we walked away losing by 6, it was still a great meet because we had many mini victories.

We look forward to our next couple of meets to finish off the season.


Coach Kellaway

Friday, January 25, 2019

Vs. Intrasquad

We have had an excellent series of matches on the Rectory School fencing team these past few weeks! Our intrasquad match on Friday, January 25th was a particular highlight. Twelve of our fencers were able to compete against each other in smaller teams of three. We were able to set up two full-length fencing strips in the gym, and we had minimal technical difficulties with the electrical fencing equipment! That is always a win! It was the perfect way to end the week.


Coach Woodard

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vs. Fay

Saturday morning we woke up early and piled into the suburban. After getting some gas, we were off to Fay. When we got there, we saw 86 wrestlers from different schools all getting ready to weigh in. Everyone was divided into weight classes, and the brackets were discussed. A bit later we warmed up and were off. Each wrestler had four matches. The best of the five wrestlers would be the winner of each bracket. Livie did well. She was just as strong if not stronger than her opponents but was not able to get any points. William also had a few good matches; he was placed in a strong bracket. Everyone he faced was experienced. Seamus won two and lost two. He did well in his last two matches. Addy won 3 and lost only one. The boy she lost to was tough, and he went for a quick double and got the pin quickly. Cesar was excited about his matches and did well even though he lost. The boy he faced was 20 pounds heavier which makes a tremendous difference in a wrestling match. In his second match he did much better and was able to win. Both his opponents were bigger than him, so the coaches were very proud of him. Jeff Vose and Nick Leary were also there with us and helped guide the wrestlers from the side of the mat. We all had fun!


Coach Ames

The fitness group continued to work on strength and conditioning utilizing multiple approaches in the process, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and CrossFit style workouts. Recently we joined up with the wrestling team for some individual and partner workouts. The energy and competitive nature inherent in a larger group were palpable and effective. On Friday, the Fitness group endured the three and half minute agony of body weight squats in rhythm to Moby's Flower, or, as is known in the CrossFit world, "Sally Up, Sally down." Moving into the coming week, students will be retested on earlier benchmark exercises and workouts.