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An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)

Middle School News Page

Wolf Den Sports Center
Wolf Den Sports Center
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

Boys Varsity A Basketball
Coach Seaward

The Rectory Varsity A basketball team believes in two principles; play hard defense and unselfish offense. With a strong focus on skill development and playing the "right way," our goal is to prepare players to play at the highest level. We play a competitive schedule that allows our players to face competition and receive exposure from top secondary schools throughout the Northeast.

Boys Varsity B Basketball
Coach Nagle

Rectory's Varsity B Basketball Program works to ready players for the next level of competitive play. We focus on basic to advanced basketball fundamentals, skill development, and sportsmanship. Our program is aimed to equip our players with the necessary tools they need to succeed on and off the court. Throughout the year our players learn and understand the importance of working hard, dedicating the time to grow, and coming together as teammates to find both group and individual success.

Boys JV Basketball
Coach Finnegan

The JV boys' basketball team will focus on building solid fundamentals including dribbling, passing, layups, shooting technique and how to play defense. The coaches ask the kids to bring and maintain a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, enjoy the game, and show great sportsmanship. Go Wolves!

Girls Varsity Basketball
Coach Fogarty

With the ethos that Sports and specifically, in this case, basketball is a metaphor for life, Girls Varsity Basketball places a premium on such tenets as sportsmanship, the team constructs, leadership, commitment, hard work, and the value of competition and fair play while teaching fundamental and foundational basketball skills. Furthermore, poise, intensity, an intelligent and up-tempo style of play, tough and active defense, and efficient execution on both offense and defense characterize the approach. Finally, while continually developing their (individual) skills, players are expected to learn and execute different offensive and defensive sets.

Girls JV Basketball
Coach Slocum

JV Girls Basketball will continue to focus on building and developing the fundamentals, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending. We have passionate and energetic coaches, who are eager to teach and improve the players' skills. The program strives to help the players grow and succeed both on and off the court.

Recreational Basketball
Coach Callanan

Recreational Basketball is a team that focuses on learning the basics of basketball in a non-competitive manner. Players will learn not only how to dribble, pass and shoot, but also teamwork, physical activity, and basic skill development. While intramural games will be scheduled, every player will play nearly equally, and the scoreboard will be used for timekeeping only. Our hope as coaches is that the players will develop life-long skills including respect for the game, encouragement of others and having fun.

Coach Gibbs

Our squash program represents all levels of the sport at Rectory. We differentiate by ability and comfort to match our players. Our range goes from newcomers all the way to students with more than a decade of experience. Our main practices allow students to focus with others on building fundamental skills before moving on to more advanced drills. Our more advanced players work to string skills together into cohesive, productive play. In addition to rigorous court training, our squash program maintains an intense off-court fitness regiment. Athletes spend one full practice per week devoted exclusively to high-intensity workouts to build stamina, strength, and speed. Like most squash teams, our program uses a ladder system to rank players and determine who will represent the school in our competitive match ups.

Coach Bradley

Co-Ed Swimming at Rectory seeks to build off of existing skills and foster new ones as student-athletes prepare for competitive swimming. Because we have four lanes and two coaches to work with, we are able to meet swimmers where they are and best maximize their potential growth. We start by breaking down all four strokes through drills and then building it back up to a technically sound stroke. Student-athletes work on tight streamlines, solid flip turns, and efficient breakouts, as well as dives from the wall and the block, backstroke starts, and breaststroke turns so they are prepared for the demands of competitive swimming. The Swim Team focuses on setting and working toward personal goals while building individuals' self-confidence and a supportive team network.

Coach Kellaway

The Fencing program at Rectory is a combination of beginners and advanced players. We are able to work on the fundamentals while incorporating more challenging drills for those athletes that compete at a higher skill level.

Varsity Hockey
Coach Smith

Varsity Ice Hockey focuses on preparing players for competition at the secondary school level. As Rectory's highest team, players are expected to already possess a solid skill set of hockey fundamentals including skating, shooting, passing, and body contact as well as a firm understanding of team systems. These skills will be further developed and refined throughout the season with an emphasis on building team culture that models Rectory's Creed of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Compassion. Typically Varsity Hockey will conduct four on-ice practices per week and one off-ice session where we work in a classroom setting to review team concepts as well as build strength and conditioning.

JV Hockey
Coach Bryant

Junior Varsity Ice Hockey focuses on all aspects of the sport. This is a co-ed team that allows players of all skill levels to learn the basics of ice hockey, while also preparing the more experienced players for Varsity level play. We work on developing the whole player and game by starting them off with basic skills and drills that include skating, stopping, passing, and shooting. After these skills have been properly developed, we delve into more complex drills that include crossovers, different types of shooting, puck handling, and more when and where it is appropriate. Finally, we work on positioning and gameplay through scrimmages and gameplay drills. On Wednesday's during our off-ice sessions, we work on strength and conditioning by building our core and leg muscles for on-ice training; and we also focus on explaining the rules of the game in a classroom setting. Through this setup, the players develop a better understanding of the sport and rules of ice hockey. They quickly realize how their participation is imperative to the success of the team on and off the ice. Along with building their technical skills, we work on improving self-confidence by creating a supportive environment for one another.

Coach Woodard

The wrestling program works on the fundamentals for the beginner athletes while advancing the returning athletes skills. At this level, we will practice takedowns, pins, and escapes. Practice starts with 15-20 minutes of cardio activities, and then we move onto technique. We work hard to instill hard work and perseverance in our players. While lessons like these are prominent, we also focus on creating a family atmosphere for our players.

Coach Ames

The Rectory Fitness program is intended to familiarize students with a number of physical fitness modalities, including elements of weightlifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), CrossFit and bodyweight exercises. Students are provided with intentional instruction on lifting weights and routines that combine a combination of movements. One of the primary objectives of the Fitness program is to provide students with an understanding of the human body, how it functions, and how to safely and effectively impact each muscle through targeted exercise. Each student begins the program with a tutorial on how to use the fitness equipment properly. After that, students establish benchmarks on specific lifts and exercises, with goals being set from there; every two weeks, students are retested to evaluate progress. Throughout the Fitness program, students work toward growing their physical fitness knowledge, strength, and conditioning.