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Two Eighth Graders Receive Scholastic Art Awards
Two Eighth Graders Receive Scholastic Art Awards
Judy Blakelock, Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher

This past Monday, I traveled with two students to see the 2019 Scholastic Art show on display at the University of Hartford. The three of us walked through the gallery until we found the two pieces of work that were familiar to us.

The show is comprised of the best Connecticut student art work created in the past year. The process to make it onto those walls is not an easy one. Connecticut art teachers are invited to submit student work from grades 7 through 12. From the large pool of submitted pieces, the Scholastic judges "look for work that demonstrates originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision" and they recognize only a handful of those students with awards.

This year, Rectory had two students receive Scholastic Art Awards. Nala C., '20 and Alana H., '20 both took printmaking this fall; though this was a new technique and art process for them they excelled in each project despite being beginners.

Alana received an honorable mention for her tessellation print entitled, 'Crying Vine'. To do this she used a small circle stamp and a large tear-drop shaped stencil. She stamped, reapplied ink and stamped again to create the tessellation effect.

Nala received a Silver Key for her self-portrait. She effectively used line and texture to convey the specifics of her signature hairstyle. Her piece truly reflects her physical uniqueness and conveys the playfulness of her personality. When asked to reflect on the show, Nala said: "it was a great opportunity to have my work displayed among such talented young artists."

Both Nala and Alana displayed creativity and a willingness to engage in the artistic process. I am so proud of their hard work this fall and I can't wait to see their progress in the future.