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New Elective for Fall Term is a Hit
New Elective for Fall Term is a Hit
Hannah Stewart'08, Help Desk Technician

This year we offer a new elective for the fall term, American Sign Language (ASL).

We are learning a variation of ASL and Pidgin Sign Language (PSL). While the signs are essentially the same, PSL allows you to sign the way you would speak and think normally.

We have started with the alphabet and numbers and have grown to be signing along to songs.

The class played a great new role in the PRISM concert when they signed along to the song Distant Shore while the chorus sang.

It is exciting to watch the students hold full conversations and ask many questions. They know many types of food, animals, and expressions. In a short period of time they have been exposed to many aspects of the language.

One of the highlights of the term was when the volleyball team played a school for the deaf and the students eagerly communicated with the opposing team to show off their new found skills.

They are currently working on a new song, Beautiful Day, to wrap up the fall term and on Thursday, October 25th at our Open House they did a great job of showing off their newly learned skills.