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Learning and the Brain
Learning and the Brain
Erin Billiard, History and English Teacher (Middle School)

The "Student Engagement" seminar, presented by Dr. Judy Willis, was part of the Learning in the Brain series. Judy Willis is a board-certified neurologist and teacher who has written several books on using research-based strategies to "ignite" student learning. The seminar was filled with examples of how students' brains will react to various lessons, activities, ideas and teaching styles with the goal that students understand and retain information. Once students and their teachers learn how their brains process and learn, we can improve our methods of teaching and learning.

When we arrived back from the conference, we were very excited to share our learning with the teachers and tutors at Rectory. During the beginning of the year meetings, we surveyed our colleagues by having a summer-time snowball fight. Then we shared our brain-based strategies with them. As the school year progresses, we are working together to employ our learning in the classroom. The big takeaway that Ms. Fluckiger and Ms. Billiard had from their week with Judy was: Rectory teaching IS based in brain science. We are excited to see how this new awareness of mindfulness and brain science will continue to ignite student learning.