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May Experiential Learning Program (MELP)

Rectory's Salt River MELP campsite with tents in the foreground of mountains and a beautiful blue sky.

"MELP" is Rectory's signature program that takes place one week in May during the spring term. Students eagerly anticipate MELP throughout the year for exploring a topic in-depth through hands-on experiences, sometimes off campus and out of town.

The program encourages alternative learning styles, creativity, and problem solving.

“MELP really helped me to understand and appreciate the value in seeing things firsthand. I realized that learning on location makes absorbing what we are being taught so much easier. Every year I think that the next year won't possibly be any cooler than what I have just experienced--but it has. I think we are so lucky to be able to travel off campus and explore together. I only wish it was longer than a week!"

Samir M., Student

Some Past MELP Offerings

  • Animation, Imagination, and Innovation: FL
  • Around the World in Five Days
  • Atlanta: Empire City of the South
  • Cape Escape
  • Charter Philly
  • Discover America's Music City
  • How it's Made: The Grand Tour
  • Inside New England Sports
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Hollywood CA
  • Natural New England
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Salt River Rafting: Arizona
  • Surf & Turf: Exploring Anaheim, CA
  • The Charm of Charleston
  • Unlocking the Everglades: Key Largo
  • Washington DC - Our Nation's Treasures
  • Water, Water, Everywhere!