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Middle School (5-9)

An enthusiastic student and a passionate teacher engage in a captivating science experiment, showcasing their shared curiosit

Rectory recognizes that each student is unique and brings to our community individual interests, strengths, and goals.

Our small class sizes in the middle school, along with our personalized approach, provide each child appropriate challenge and support. Combine these aspects with our signature Learning Services programs offered in the Smith Learning Center and student progress is assured.
At Rectory, our students are expected to immerse themselves in our broad programmatic offerings, which provide essential opportunities to develop critical academic and life skills.

Whether in English class, the art studio, the science lab, or our outdoor environment, students are guided by experienced professionals who strive for engagement, encourage creativity and critical thinking, and promote communication and collaboration. Our instructional approach leverages the power of technology as a teaching and learning tool, and children are taught how to responsibly and safely use these resources.

Our purpose across these critical middle school years is to develop in our students the confidence, competence, and character necessary for them to be successful, contributing, principled members of the many communities they will inhabit in future years.

Opportunities to develop self-advocacy and self-efficacy are embedded in our students’ schedules. Skill Block, a once weekly class, is designed to foster organizational and effective study habits as well as an opportunity for students to hone their academic skills. Students also are provided with Enrichment blocks twice a week; this is time set aside for students to meet with teachers to clarify classroom content. Student support goes far beyond what happens in the classroom. Sometimes the best relationships are formed and the most helpful learning is realized when you go...Beyond Academics!

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Experts in Middle School Education

Rectory's middle school faculty are experts in teaching middle school children. With their guidance, our students develop valuable life skills like organization, note taking, time management, and self advocacy. 

Why Rectory?

Scroll left or right to read what our students have to say.

“I have opportunities to learn as much as I possibly can.

I’m involved in a program at Rectory that allows me to swap out my study hall for a more advanced high school class. I’m taking both Geometry and Algebra 2. It is difficult but it’s a unique opportunity for students who want to learn as much as they can.” -Jaceil

“Teachers are different at Rectory.

They are people you can trust and they really care about us. They are my teachers, my coaches, my dorm parents, and my counselors. They are part of my family. I know I can rely on them to help me reach my goals."  -Edgardo

“We have so many options to be able to learn through experiences.

I’ve been at Rectory since fifth grade and I’ve developed great relationships with the faculty. The way they teach works for me because they make it relatable and fun.” -Chloe

“We dive deeply into discussions in our classes.

We question one another in order to understand other points of view. As a result, I’ve learned how to think carefully, to share my ideas openly, and to work as a team with people from different backgrounds.” -Mohamed

“Rectory is my second home.

Dorm parents welcome me as a part of their lives with their families. My concerns and challenges are always heard at Rectory. As a dorm proctor, my job is to help with the younger students on the dorm but I'm also encouraged to take time to take care of myself.” -Rella

“Rectory has a lot of opportunities for electives and I'm having fun experiencing new things.

I enjoy my equity class. It's a safe space where we can talk about how we're feeling. It also helps prepare us for things we may have to deal with later in life, so it really prepares us for the next step." -Toni

“The people are what make Rectory amazing.

There are always people on campus who are there for you. If you need help or need to talk, there is someone there to talk with.” -Diana

“Rectory teachers are so kind, understanding, and willing to help.

Our teachers are very open about sharing their experiences so we can learn from them. They are also willing to talk about hard topics which really helps prepare us for challenges we may face in the future." -Zino