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Mrs. Rodman and Alana have a great relationship due in large part to their time in IIP.

Henry B. Smith '76 Learning Center

--providing opportunities for success

With dedicated space in John and Millie Green Hall, the Smith Learning Center is home for services and resources that support and enhance Rectory students’ learning experiences. With the guiding belief that all students can grow and progress, Rectory School’s Learning Services cares for the learning and curricular needs of students. As a steady presence for youngsters, our learning specialists celebrate our students’ milestones; they even have been seen sewing a button or two on students’ jackets!

Individualized attention to a young person’s academic, physical, social, and moral development has been a keystone of Rectory School since its founding 100 years ago. As a vital component in the School’s overall capability to fulfill its mission—nurturing the whole child within a caring, personalized learning environment—Rectory’s Learning Services program continually seeks to grow and stay on the forefront of evidence-based practices and current research.  

Overview Of Learning Services

  • Rectory’s signature Individualized Instruction Program (IIP)
  • Arrangement for accommodations on standardized and classroom tests
  • Coordination of diagnostic evaluations and student support services, such as neuropsychological testing or speech therapy
  • Faculty training on learning needs and differentiation of instruction and assessments
  • Teaching materials and professional development library
  • Collaboration with the Secondary School Placement Office
  • Partnering with school districts for IEPs and 504 Plans

Options for Student Services

Our Roadmap

  • IIP is a scheduled course in the student’s regular academic day; students not in IIP have a large-group study hall.
  • Student learning profiles are created from observations, performance, assessments, and educational or neuropsychological evaluations.
  • Personalized goals with short-term objectives, formed with student and parental input, guide the desired outcomes of each IIP.
  • A process of daily reflection and diagnostic assessment informs lesson planning.
  • Learning specialists communicate with parents and within the Rectory community to foster collective support and continuity of strategies.
  • Students are encouraged to know and use their strengths and interests as they meet challenges.
  • Overarching objectives are to help all students be independent, confident, and responsible learners.
The Right Approach

When school work got tough, our son’s learning specialist had just the right approach to get him back on track. Consistent communication and support allowed them to form a strong relationship built on trust. We knew that our son hadn’t been reaching his potential, but the IIP program turned his potential into a reality. The more successful he was, the more motivated he became as a student. At the end of two years, he won his first-ever academic award!

--Parent of a middle school student

Mrs. Shattuck works with Jackson.
Orton-Gillingham Instructor a Must

As a parent of a child with dyslexia, an Orton-Gillingham certified instructor was a must. We have seen our son's confidence and love of reading soar.

--Parent of an elementary school student

An Anchor to My Son's Success

The IIP Center at Rectory has been the anchor for my son’s success in middle school. The director listened to my description of what he needed and chose a learning specialist who is the perfect match. Together, they worked to improve not only his reading, writing, and math performances but also his organization, planning, and goal-setting. We could see steady improvement.

--Parent of a middle school student