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Fall 2020 Highlights

Mrs. Haines with her COVID-19 classroom setup in the Wolf Den Student Lounge
Dawn Chmura, Director of Communications

Planning for Rectory's fall re-opening began before the spring term ended. Eight task forces were formed to repopulate Rectory's campus for the fall term. Each task force was charged with creating operational assumptions and action plans and determining staffing and budgetary needs.

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Re-Opening Rectory

Fall Sports Highlight Photos

Rectory Students: Fall 2020

Art Show

Musical Showcase

Animated Story

Campus Map

Julianne J. '21 drew this map of the Rectory School campus

Julianne J. '21 heard that the admissions office wanted to have an updated campus map to replace one that was hand-drawn by a previous student. Julianne used her artistic talent in her free time to create a masterpiece to illustrate our beautiful campus. 

Boarding Life

Photo collage of students hanging out on dorm.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Rectory's boarding students created opportunities to play, laugh, and enjoy their time together. A new appreciation for togetherness was realized because they had been away from school for such a long time.

Everyone was happy to have Rectory's campus re-open this fall term and we're hopeful that more students can join us soon.

The DiRectory--Rectory's Online Student Newspaper

Patty Shattuck, Editor, Rectory Student Newspaper

The spring and fall 2020 terms have made us realize the value of maintaining an online student newspaper. Last spring, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into "distance learning," and this fall we were learning with some students on campus and some learning remotely from home. The beauty of an online newspaper, however, is that we can continue to accept, edit, and publish articles from our talented Rectory students who are located all over the world! This fall we published a variety of articles by both online and in-person students, including: a series of creative stories about a close-knit wolf family; an article about the student council election and the first-ever virtual candidates' speeches; a personal, self-illustrated narrative series; and an article about a day in the life of a student from China who is attending Rectory remotely. We are proud to report that The DiRectory has continued to announce campus events, highlight student interests, and showcase our students' writing and drawing skills--wherever they may be!

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Learning At Home

An Online Student's Perspective

Chris Montgomery Unsplash photo of a computer opened up to a zoom grid with a blue-green cup next to the computer.

By Carson L. '21

Our world today seems like a parallel universe compared to one year ago. It is a world in which everything has changed. One year ago, I was at Rectory talking to all my friends, enjoying all kinds of activities. This year, at the same time, I am at my house in China, typing on a screen, talking to people through computer Zooms, and learning remotely.

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Rectory Theater

Back to School

Head of School, Mr. Williams opens the car door for a student on the first day of school as Mrs. Gibbs and Wolfie look on.

By Julia Z. '21

Welcome to the little theater of Rectory! Another summer has gone by, and Rectory has already had a few successful weeks of school. Let’s capture some of the great scenes on our campus over the course of these first few weeks. 

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Elementary School November Daily Photos

Grade 2-3 are creating watercolor bookmarks, inspired by Kandinsky.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our families from the children in Grades K-4. We are so Thankful for YOU!

Our K-1 class is getting ready for our Virtual ES Fall Fair.

Our K-1 class is getting ready for our Virtual ES Fall Fair. They will reenact a scene from the Chapter Book they just finished, My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Garnett!

Children in Grade 2-3 reading books. The children are wearing masks with acrylic barriers between them for COVID precautions.

Children in Grade 2-3 love to engage in a good book. Surrounding children with an engaging print-rich environment is a cornerstone in every elementary classroom!


Our Grade 4 students have all connected to a Pen Pal at Seely-Brown Village in Pomfret. What started out as an opportunity to practice cursive handwriting has turned into a highlight of the fall term as friendships have developed through letter writing!

Our kindergarteners are learning how to describe shapes by their vertices (corners)!

Meet Rosie, Mrs. Carpenter’s mini Australian Labradoodle puppy! 


While exploring during Outside Time, friends in Grade 4 found the most beautiful praying mantis!

Being immersed in a good book is always a favorite time in the Grade 2-3 Classroom!

Ms. Blakelock inspires our Grade K-1 friends to draw in their Sketchbook, on a Friday afternoon!


The Grade 4 Class is completing Jots about an object that they selected in the classroom, using their five senses. What would you write about the telephone?

It’s a sunny day in K-1 as the children start their day with a morning greeting: “we’re glad that you’ve come, wherever your from!”

Our Grade 2-3 Class are so proud of their new Literary Magazine, which they named “Kingdom of Writers.” Here are the artists whose leaves made the cover!

Red Riding Hood stopped by our ES Trunk OR Treat on Monday afternoon and brought her Grandmother? Hmmmm...