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Elementary School (K-4)

Rectory's COVID-19 Update

Rectory is only offering an in-person option for our Elementary Students. We believe these younger students are best served in person and do not yet possess the required skills to be as successful in online learning compared to our older students. In addition, the rate of COVID-19 transmission among children under ten is lower than in other age groups.  

Explore, Engage, Empower

Welcome to the elementary division at Rectory School where we spend our days with students in Kindergarten through Grade 4! Since our first elementary classroom opened in 2004, we have embraced our school mission and creed of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Compassion. We hope that you enjoy exploring our website, as you learn about the vision that we are mindful to provide for each of our students.

As a community, we choose to behave with understanding, kindness, and compassion and believe that we share responsibility for each other’s well-being. This is more than school for us, it is a place where we honor each child to be their best selves. 

While this website offers a glimpse into how we connect our unique traditions, curriculum, and learning opportunities within our community, we cannot completely capture the nature-inspired environment and real-life learning experiences that define how we move through each day. We are proud of the beautiful new building that was thoughtfully designed for children and became our home in the winter of 2017. If you are intrigued by this virtual visit, please feel free to connect with us. Our elementary team would love to meet you! 

Wishing you well,

Maria Carpenter, Director of Elementary


Elementary School Photo of the Day

Take a sneak peek into Rectory's Elementary School by checking out the Photo of the Day. Scroll through to check out photos from the entire month. Click here to view previous months' galleries.

Little blonde girl looking at the seeds of a lemon while writing in a workbook.

Our Grade 2-3 class is experimenting with seeds in different fruits.

A boy and girl helping another boy student with a math problem.

This is what collaboration looks like in a grade 2 math class when a peer needs help.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the little leprechauns in Elementary!

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the little leprechauns in Elementary!

Our Grade 4 friends make a 100 with body shapes.

Our Grade 4 friends make a 100 with body we send off 100 letters to Rectory Alumni!

Members of Grade 2-3 Zooming with a classmate who moved to Michigan last summer.

What a treat it was to Zoom with a Grade 2-3 classmate who moved to Michigan last summer. We love you!


Elementary school students looking at the bark of a tree through magnifying glasses.


Young boy elementary school student reading to an older girl.


Elementary School girl lighting up a circuit in her 4th-grade science class.