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Rectory School Academics

Challenging Academics in a Supportive Learning Environment

Not all students learn the same, which is why we surround your child with adults who believe all students can succeed when they are given the tools that fit their particular learning style. In all facets of school life, students are encouraged to reach beyond their comfort level, and while this sometimes means they may stumble along the way, it always means that they are building valuable life skills.

Our Promise: To build a foundation of core academic skills, create powerful learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, and foster strong ethical and social values.

The Result: Students who understand themselves and the world around them. Students who can speak frankly about their strengths...and where they need to improve.

Students who aren't just ready for their next school...they are ready for life.

Our Academic Philosophy

Rectory’s academic program comprises a community of learners: child and adult, student and teacher, focused on personal growth and success, while collectively embracing the mission and guiding tenets of our school. Using our students’ innate curiosity as the basis for more formalized instruction, Rectory’s classrooms reflect an educational approach guided by current research related to the brain and student learning.

Across our students’ time at Rectory, they are expected to immerse themselves in our broad programmatic offerings, which provide essential opportunities to develop critical academic and life skills. Whether in English class, the art studio, the science lab, or our outdoor environment, students are guided by passionate, professional educators who strive for engagement, encourage creativity and critical thinking, and promote communication and collaboration. Along the way, our instructors leverage the power of technology as a teaching and learning tool, and children are taught how to responsibly and safely use these resources.

Rectory’s academic program encourages students to pursue their passions and explore new interests all the while fostering in them the confidence, competence, and character necessary to be successful, contributing, principled members of the many communities they will inhabit in future years.

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