Rectory School

An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)

High-Value Learning at Rectory School:


The Rectory School comprises a community of learners: child and adult, student and teacher, focused on personal growth and success, while collectively embracing the mission and guiding tenets of our institution.

Since 1920 Rectory has merged the time-tested with the innovative, while thinking broadly and open-mindedly about what contributes to the optimal learning experience.

Rectory’s academic program uses a child’s innate curiosity as the basis for the more formalized learning that begins with our youngest students in Children at Rectory (CARe), our early childhood program, continues through our Elementary School, and culminates with graduation from our Middle School after completion of the 9th-grade year.

Rectory recognizes that each student is unique and brings to our community individual interests, strengths, and goals. Our multi-age groupings in the CARe and elementary divisions, and our small class sizes in the middle school, along with our personalized approach, provide each child appropriate challenge and support. Combine these aspects with our signature Individualized Instruction Program (IIP) and student progress is assured.

At Rectory, our students are expected to immerse themselves in our broad programmatic offerings, which provide essential opportunities to develop critical academic and life skills. Whether in English class, the art studio, the science lab, or our outdoor environment, students are guided by experienced professionals who strive for engagement, encourage creativity and critical thinking, and promote communication and collaboration. Our instructional approach leverages the power of technology as a teaching and learning tool, and children are taught how to responsibly and safely use these resources.

Our purpose across these years is to develop in our students the confidence, competence, and character necessary for them to be successful, contributing, principled members of the many communities they will inhabit in future years. Contact us to learn more!