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Kellogg Award Winners

Grade 4 students stand with Mrs. Zahansky as Mr. Williams presents the 2022 Kellogg Award to her.

Each year Rectory School presents the School's prestigious Kellogg Award. The Kellogg Award, established in 1993 by Rectory alumnus Peter Kellogg '57 in honor of his mother, Mrs. James Crane Kellogg III, recognizes Rectory employees for their dedication and commitment to the School. Each year, two employees are selected to be recipients of this award because of their many years of service to the School and their special help to the school and students. Below are the most recent recipients with Head of School Fred Williams' comments.

This Year's Award Winners

Jamie Haines (2023)

The common answer to the oft-posed question “Why study history?” is so that history does not repeat itself. This morning, I offer an alternate, more appropriate response given the cause and setting for our gathering. “Why study history?” So that you can be in Jamie Haines' class, where you will enjoy an educator’s unrivaled passion for this great subject and an indefatigable commitment to your academic development and overall well-being.

Tonya Rayment (2023)

When we think of school we envision, for understandable reasons, the teacher/student relationship and the work across campus devoted to the multi-faceted growth of a child.  This is, in fact, the sole focus of our institutional mission. This notion notwithstanding, Rectory is also a business and for our students and our school to thrive we need a strong financial and business operations footing.  For over a decade, Mrs. Tonya Rayment, in her role as Chief Financial Officer has assured just such a scenario.


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Our campus is easily accessible to four major cities and several international airports in the northeastern United States.

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