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Wolf Den Sports Center: October 2021
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

After almost two years of no sports, the Rectory Wolves are back and hungry for some competition. Follow your favorite wolf pack this Fall and see how they do during the season. 

Boys Varsity A Soccer
By Coach Woodard

A male student athlete dribbling the soccer ball as two other players look on.

September 22, 2021

Away vs. Suffield

As we traveled to Suffield, CT, it was a cloudy day for our first match-up against the Tigers A team. We got to the field and got warmed up as quickly as possible. We won the toss, chose our side, and we were ready to play. The first half started great. We spent most of the 30 minutes on Suffield's side of the field. Soon enough, Truman scored a goal with his left foot making it one to nil. After making some substitutes, Jerry D. came in and landed a beautiful assist from Truman into the back of the net. We kept battling hard during the first half and finished with a score of 2-0.  

After halftime, we kept at it. We had a couple of offsides calls and one or two opportunities to score. Suffield came back harder after the half and scored a goal almost immediately. Shortly after that, a ball bounced off our keeper's chest and right onto the foot of an attacker. They swiftly put this rebound into the back of the net, making it a tie game. As time was winding down, Suffield kept bombarding us with attacks. They were able to get a third goal in the final minutes, putting them up by one. The whistle blew, and the game ended. It was 3-2 in favor of Suffield. Although we did not come out victorious, we made a valiant effort. It was a good game on both sides.  

Boys Varsity B Soccer
By Coach O'Neil

The boys varsity b soccer team playing in an inter-team scrimmage.

September 17, 2021

Home vs. Bancroft

The Varsity B soccer team opened its season at home against the Bulldogs of Bancroft. It was hard to predict how we would match up against Bancroft, but our boys were up for the challenge. The Bulldogs pulled out to an early 7-0 lead and held it throughout the contest. With only a few days of practice to prepare for our first match, the Wolves maintained good spirits and positive attitudes. It was a good learning experience for the squad. We will head to Hartford on Wednesday, September 29, to take on the Hawks of Renbrook School.

Cross Country
By Coach Finnegan

Cross country players in a circle stretching.

September 17, 2021

Home vs. Bancroft

Our first home meet of the season was a huge success! The kids only had a short week of practice before diving into a meet against Bancroft. The kids were enthusiastic to race against another school and made Rectory and the coaches proud. Martin L. came in first with an impressive time of 11:52 to show us what he could do. Amelia W., a 7th grader, came in second for Rectory with another fantastic time of 13:51, followed right behind with Mark Z., Eric W., and Namil N. Each runner was excited to see their times improve from their time trials earlier in the week. We are excited to see what these runners can accomplish as we continue our season.

September 20, 2021

Home vs. Wheeler

Another exciting home meet, only days after our first. The Rectory cross country team took on Wheeler, a much bigger team than our meet on Friday. A few of our runners were still sore from Friday, but that didn't stop them from proving that our team is resilient! The runners showed enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and determination as they raced the course and cheered each other. Martin L. came in first, even with an injured leg, and at his best time yet. DJ H. showed us what true sportsmanship was when a fellow teammate got injured on the course, and he helped her back to the finish line. Amber D. managed to take 5 minutes off her time trial in this race, an impressive feat. This is a remarkable team from their attitudes to their abilities, and we look forward to a strong season with them. 

September 23, 2021 

Away League Meet at Woodstock Middle School

We had our first away meet at Woodstock Middle school, running against Woodstock and Ashford. This was our first middle school league meet, meaning no 9th graders were allowed to attend. Our younger students got to prove their leadership and athletic abilities on the course. The runners were enthusiastic and represented Rectory with pride. Halliway W., a sixth-grader on our team, came in third out of all female runners there that day! Nicholas Z., a new runner on our team, came in first for Rectory boys and showed us what he was made of. We are so proud of these young runners for pushing their skills on a longer course and showing the coaches what they can do. The coaches look forward to more league meets and letting the runners shine. 

Varsity Girls Soccer
By Coach Callanan

The girls soccer team flanks the coaches as they gear up for their first game of the season.

The 2021 soccer season has been off to an excellent start for the girl's soccer team. This year we have 23 eager and excited players who take the field every day ready to learn. A big theme this year is understanding the importance of the team and working hard for each other. We, as coaches, constantly remind them as they work through drills during practice. Even though it has only been a few weeks, we have seen much improvement in our players.

September 20, 2021

Home vs. Bancroft

Our first game of the season was against Bancroft, and with no regular-season games since 2019, it was hard to know what we were going up against. We have a lot of young players who are new to the team, and our starting lineup only has four returning players from our 2019 season. Without hesitation, the wolves came out strong and were ready to prove a point. Their passes were proving to be better than they had expected. They were able to connect multiple passing combinations that put pressure on the Bancroft defense. After a few missed opportunities, ninth-grader and captain Chloe W. was able to find the back of the net. With one under her belt, she was eager to get another and created constant pressure on the outside wing. After a beautiful combination pass, Chloe W. crossed the ball into the box to find Sam M. for a final tip-in. Half time came, and after talking about what the team needed to do to keep the momentum up, they knew the assignment and came out strong in the second half. Bancrofts offense couldn't get past Brook C., Rowan L., and sweeper Lisa S. Where one defender lacked, the other picked up like a true teammate. Ninth-grader and co-captain Michelle N. owned the 18-yard box and shut down every shot that came close without fear. To finish the game, eighth-grader and co-captain Isabel D.A. found the back of the net for her first goal of the season, and Chloe W. secured the win with a final goal. It was an ideal way to start the season.

September 27, 2021

Home vs. Wheeler

Our second game of the season was against Wheeler School from Providence, RI. Their skills and grit have always been far beyond our experience in the past, so we knew this was going to be a challenging game. Luckily with a win under our belt, there is no better way to go into a game. We started with the same lineup as our first game, and from the beginning, we knew this would be a battle. Wheeler had a few girls who not only had good technical skills but were not afraid to use their bodies. Fortunately, that still could not stop the Rectory Wolves, who came out ready to win. Wheeler proved to put some pressure on our defense, but goalkeeper and co-captain Michelle N. denied every ball that came her way in the first half. The wolves were able to find some beautiful passing combinations that continued to bombard the Wheeler defense. Soon enough, eighth-grader and co-captain Isabel D.A. sent a beautiful ball down the field for Chloe W. to run onto, and she finished it off with a hard kick from outside the box. That was only the beginning for Isabel D.A. She continued to be a presence on the field and placed ball after ball down the field for our attack. She finished off the day with two more assists. She and eighth-grader Sam M. were in sync. Isabel sent in a powerful cross, and Sam M. was there to tap it in. Isabel D.A. used this to her advantage on a free kick, and with another forceful kick, she got it into the 18-yard box where Sam M. was ready to find the back of the net. The Wolves ended the game with another win 3-1. 

September 29, 2021

Home vs. Renbrook

After a successful start to the season, the wolves were ready to continue on their streak. After a game followed by a day with no practice, it was hard to predict how the team would come out. Renbrook looked strong during their warm-up, which clearly indicated they would give us a run for our money. It was a constant battle back and forth between the two teams. Renbrook broke away with multiple close opportunities, but Rowan L., Lisa S., Jennie C., and Brooke C. were on top of their game on defense. Our goalkeeper Michelle N. was also a force to be reckoned with in the goal. She was confident, bold, and ready for any shot that came her way. She shut down multiple 1v1, which is one of the most challenging situations a keeper can find themselves in. Sure enough, after a few defensive breakdowns, Renbrook was able to find the back of the net. Rectory also had multiple opportunities with a wide-open net and multiple breakaways, but they couldn't finish. It continued to be a back-and-forth battle well into the second half. Rectory was awarded a free kick, and co-captain Isabel D.A. capitalized on the situation and kicked a beautiful ball above the keeper's reach to get Rectory on the board. It was coming down to the final minutes, and each team was not letting up. On a quick turnaround throw-in for Renbrook, they caught our defense when they were unprepared and could get past our sweeper. Michelle N. came out to try and throw the attacker off, but Renbrook could get the ball past her to get the final goal of the game. Rectory looks forward to hosting Pomfret School on Friday, October 1. 

Varsity Girls Volleyball
By Coach Shen

Rectory's girls volleyball team poses in a group.

The Fall 2021 Girls' Varsity Volleyball team consists of two coaches and 13 strong and energetic players. During the first two weeks of practice, we focused on overhand and underhand serving, bumping and passing the ball, and moving on the court. The girls made considerable progress in calling the ball and playing as a whole team. We've had so much fun, and everyone on this team has gained more confidence. 

September 22, 2021

Away vs. Fay School

The volleyball team had their first match against Fay School, and as a matter of fact, the first victory of the season. It was quite an accomplishment to win Fay 3-0. Due to covid, varsity volleyball hasn't had much game experience and does not have many returning players. Everyone started from scratch and improved significantly through the first two weeks of practice, especially in team cooperation and skills like serving. Against Fay, we missed serves and had trouble picking up fierce hits during the middle of some sets. The team did not panic, and we worked hard and tried our best to save any reachable balls in all three sets. After the team won the second set, they were filled with excitement and the memories of our games before the pandemic came rushing back. It felt great to be back in game mode. What a great way to start this season, and we hope we can continue the season with no regrets.

*Written by Lucy Z., A ninth-grader in her second season on Rectory's varsity volleyball team. 

Varsity JV Girls Volleyball
By Coach Euglow

​​The Fall 2021 Girls' Junior Varsity Volleyball team consists of 2 coaches and 21 enthusiastic, energetic, and engaging players. We gauged where the girls were during the first month of practice; some are brand new to the sport, and others are veterans. No matter where the player falls within their ability level, they each show up smiling and ready to go during each practice. We started with bumping the ball within small circles of players to get the girls communicating and moving their bodies. We have moved on to practicing our serves and will continue to do so until each player has mastered their underhand serve from behind the white line. We will keep the girls moving around the court and being vocal by calling the ball when it is coming towards them. While we have yet to have a game, we scrimmage each other at each practice to keep the girls motivated and excited for their future in volleyball. We have all had so much fun connecting as a team and gaining lasting confidence within each other and ourselves.

By Coach LaBonte-Campbell

After an exciting, fitness-filled first two weeks, one thing is clear – this year's CrossFit team is a hard-working crew. While hoping to improve overall fitness and CrossFit-specific skills, the past few weeks have centered on developing good movement patterns and learning basic functional movements such as the air squat, burpee, and push-up--with some good ole running sprinkled in! Days begin with a hustle down to the fields for attendance and a quick debrief on the day. From there, athletes engage in a dynamic warm-up, tackle the day's WOD (workout of the day), and cool down and chat about the day's wins. Witnessing these young athletes challenging and pushing themselves to improve is thrilling for the coaches. Here's to a great fall!

Fall Adventures
By Coach Dionne

Fall Adventures has started smoothly this year thanks to the great weather we have had so far. Each day we try to do something different, but a constant is walking/hiking. At least twice a week, we take the students on a walk around campus or a hike through the woods. The lean-to is a fan favorite, and most of the kids have put their names in charcoal on it. These walks usually take 30-45 minutes depending on the speed we are going, and after that, we head to the pavilion to play knockout, four square, or pickleball. Brayden Patterson and Cash Lacy are usually the winners of knockout, but Mr. Fuller and I have been able to squeak out a few wins too. We play different games like kickball, volleyball, or ultimate frisbee when we do not go for a walk. Kickball was a huge hit, and the competition ended on a walk-off hit, with Stevie Wilmot scoring the final run for his team to win 8-7. The disc golf course is not set up yet, so the students played a game called jackpot instead. There's a player that throws the frisbee to the group with a set point number. The person who catches it gets the points that were discussed, and once a player receives a certain number of points, they win the round and are the thrower for the next round. We are very excited for Fall and can't wait to see the trees changing colors on our walks!

By Coach Gould

The Equestrian team has been busy learning the ins and outs of all things equestrian. Our focus initially was on properly grooming their horses, saddle and bridle them, and leading them to and from the ring, a task that sounds easy but is not when a 1000 pound animal decides to stop and snack on some tasty grass! Once on horseback, riders get to know their steeds' quirks and become comfortable riding them at different gaits. Our Varsity riders are working on the proper half seat position and their posting trot form, while our JV riders are working on feeling centered in the saddle while steering and stopping. Horses and riders alike are looking forward to the cooler weather and the end to bug season that fall brings!

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