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Wolf Den Sports Center: November 2021
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

The month of October provided great opportunities for Rectory's athletes to build their skills. The Wolves competed against other teams and represented their school with honor and great sportsmanship. Click read more to get more details about your favorite Wolf's team.


  Boys Varsity A Soccer
Coach Woodard

September 25, 2021
Home vs. Pomfret School

It was a sunny afternoon as we strode out onto the field.  Our rivals looked solid, and their bench was deep with a traveling team of over 20 players.  In the first few minutes of the first half, Pomfret managed to get a goal.  We did not lose hope.  Shortly after that, Truman found his way down the field and was the receiving end of a violent challenge that resulted in a penalty kick for us and a red card for the opposing team’s player.  Truman missed his penalty kick but ran up and got his rebound for the tying goal.  Truman scored another goal and brought us up to 2-1.  Truman sailed a long freekick behind Pomfret's defense in the second half, and Tristan was on the receiving end. Tristan juggled and tapped the ball in for our 3rd goal.   Ninth-grader Shep W. was fouled in the box and received a penalty kick, and scored goal number four.  He sent the kick into the upper left side of the goal to make the game 4-1.  Stephen had an incredible game at right-back.  He stopped defenders and cleared the ball up the sides.  He was one of the men of the match as we triumphed over Pomfret.


September 29, 2021
Home vs. Fay

It was a cold fall afternoon as we came out onto the field to meet Fay.  We started off playing solid defense, but we were struggling to contain our opponent.  They came out hard and had managed to put three goals in the net by halftime.  Clement had done an excellent job and blocked many attempts, but he could not save them all.  We focused on playing heads-up soccer in the second half, trying to pass quicker and dribble less.  We tried to spread the field more and clear the ball to the outsides.  Despite our best efforts, the game continued to be one-sided.  The outcome is not important.  What is important is that we kept our heads up and kept playing even when we were tired.  We did not get discouraged, and we did not give up.  We put forth a valiant effort and ultimately got beat by the best team that we will face this season. 


October 10, 2021
Home vs Valley View

The varsity soccer team hosted Valley View Friday afternoon. The Wolves looked dominant early in the first half, controlling play and taking advantage of early opportunities. Later in the half, Rectory struggled to possess the ball and lost control earlier in the game. Valley View found the back of the net twice and rallied, tying the score 2-2 going into halftime. Rectory settled down in the second half and focussed on controlling the ball to create scoring chances. Rectory demonstrated more composure and confidence with the ball and scored two additional goals in the half. Although Rectory looked shaky at times, particularly in the first half, it was great to see them regroup at halftime and come away with the 4-2 victory.


October 16, 2021
Home vs. Worcester Academy

The Wolves kicked off Saturday for a much-anticipated parents’ weekend match against Worcester Academy. It was a hard-fought and exciting match from the beginning whistle to the end. Rectory possessed the ball well and scored on two tremendous free-kicks outside of the box coming off the right foot of Truman B. With the game tied 2-2 in the second half, the Wolves did their best to withstand a fast and relentless Worcester attack. Unfortunately, Rectory could only hold on for so long and eventually conceded their third goal to Worcester. Rectory did everything they could to equalize the score in the final minutes and generated a few last-minute chances but could not put the ball in the back of Worcester’s net. Although the team could not claim victory in the match, the group played a terrific game and should be proud of their effort.

 Boys Varsity B  Soccer
Coach O’Neil

October 16, 2021
Home vs. Sparhawk Academy

It was a beautiful Fall Family Weekend, and the Varsity B soccer game did not disappoint either! It was the best matchup of the year but ultimately culminated in a 6-5 loss. Varsity B was evenly matched against Sparhawk Academy and went back and forth scoring goals all game. Jackson A. had some exploding runs up the field, which opened many opportunities for Rectory to score. Trent C. made some diving saves in the net when Sparkhawk was able to pass by our defending line. While they got us in the end, it was an enjoyable game for all to play in and watch. Coach Smith and I were pleased the team had the opportunity to play such an exciting game in front of their families and friends!


October 23, 2021
Home vs. Wilbraham Monson Academy

The Varsity B team hosted Wilbraham Monson Academy at home on a gorgeous fall day. Light in numbers, we had to call in a few reinforcements from the other soccer team. WMA took an early lead and held onto it throughout the contest. The final score did not reflect the number of things the Wolves did well. They ran hard, moved the ball efficiently, and communicated effectively. It was nice to see the progress the boys have made throughout the season put into action. We look ahead to our next game on Friday, October 29, at Fay.

 Cross Country
Coach Finnegan

September 29, 2021
Marianapolis Invitational

The Cross Country team took a handful of ninth-grade runners to compete in the Marianapolis Prep Invitational on Wednesday, September 29th. For most of the runners, this was their first competition in a couple of years. The runners were nervous but also excited to participate. Along with Marianapolis, the school invited other high schools such as Pomfret School, St. Andrew’s, Worcester Academy, MacDuffie, and Dexter Southfield. The 5k was stretched around the Marianopolis campus and presented some challenges for our runners. However, the boys worked very hard to finish the entire course without stopping and pushed themselves to come in the top 100 in the boy's division. Ninth-grader Martin L.  showcased an impressive run, coming in eleventh place with a time of 19:29. Right behind him was Money P., who came in with a time of 22:12. Strong showings from Eric W., Namil N., Mark Z., DJ. H. and Toni E. Coach Finnegan was impressed with the effort each of the boys gave for this race and looks forward to seeing how they will improve for the next. Go Wolves!


October 16, 2021
Home vs. Sparhawks Academy

The Cross Country team was excited to race on Fall Family Weekend this year! Hosting the Sparkhawks on our home course, the kids ran their hardest to show off to the parents on campus. Some had the luck of having their parents on campus for their first time, and they were thrilled to see their kids run. It was a close race at the front, with Rectory coming in second. An impressive race from Celine D., one who doesn’t love running but worked her hardest to finish with a new personal record! Mark Z., Martin L., and Money P. all set new personal records with impressive times of (Mark) 13:15, (Martin) 11:40, and (Money) 12:21. Toni E. set a new personal record, taking about 30 seconds off his fastest time! This was a great race for our team to participate in for the Fall Family Weekend. The coaches are so proud of the hard work they put in!


October 21, 2021
Putnam League Meet

The Cross Country team headed to Putnam Middle School for a rescheduled League Meet against Putnam and St. James. The course challenged the wolves to go into the woods and work on their strides up high hills. Seventh-grader Amelia W. and sixth-grader Halliway W. took first and second place respectfully for the girl's race! They worked hard to pace themselves and follow through with an impressive time. Although Rectory only had two girl runners competing, their times did not qualify for league meet requirements. The boys also had a great race! Rectory won against St. James, with Alex S., Nicholas Z., Alex C., and Rinto N. leading the wolf pack! Overall, the team worked well and has made significant progress throughout the season. Go Wolves!


October 28, 2021
Ashford League Meet

The Cross Country team took on another home meet against Ashford. Being a league meet, only our younger runners could participate. Watching the enthusiastic 9th graders cheer on their teammates and guide the runners in the right direction was wonderful to see as a coach. Amelia W. came in first with an impressive time of 13:34. It was a tight race at the end but she was able to catch up and grab first place! Nicholas Z., William S., Anson D.A., Alex S., Rinto N., Alex C., and Evan Z. all set personal records during this race! Alex C. surprised us all with his sprint at the end to beat out the person in front of him.  The coaches were impressed with the team's performance and enjoyed watching the runners prove their work has paid off. We look forward to racing this team again next week.

Varsity Girls Soccer
Coach Callanan 

October 1, 2021
Home vs. Pomfret

The Rectory Wolves were taking on the Pomfret Griffin's on a sunny Friday afternoon. This was our first JV high school team we had to face. The girls had been hyping the game up all week and were nervous about facing older players. After the first whistle blew, it became clear that this team might have been older, but they were not better. From the start, Rectory was connecting passes from the midfield to the forwards and gave themselves a few early opportunities to score but was unlucky in finding the back of the net. Pomfret also had some areas of strength. They had one player with a lot of speed on their forward line, which tested our defense every time she stormed down the field. It was a classic back and forth game. Not too long after the start of the game, the forward for Pomfret broke free and sprinted straight towards the goal and was successful putting them up 1 nil. Eighth grader and fierce competitor Isabel D.A. was not letting up on the pressure from the midfield. She was able to send a through ball to Chloe W. on the outside, and Chloe took that opportunity to cross the ball into the 18 and score. This tied the game up. We were well into the second half, and both teams had plenty of missed opportunities. Once again, the forward from Pomfret was able to get loose on our defensive third and score another goal to put them back in front. Isabel D.A. answered right back with a floater over the goalkeeper's head to tie up the score again. It was a battle until the end. Michelle N. had impressive saves in net with multiple close calls that could of gone differently. Our backline had a few hiccups, but that didn't take away the number of times they threw Pomfret's forwards off course when they were charging down the field. In the final minutes, Pomfret was able to find the back of the net once more to finish off the game and get the W. The wolves continue to improve as a team, and we hope to meet Pomfret again on the pitch later this season.


October 13, 2021
Home vs. Kingswood Oxford

After almost two weeks off, we had two days to prepare for what would be our toughest matchup yet. Kingswood Oxford has always been a very skilled team that plays at a fast pace. Right from the get-go you knew this was going to be a challenging game for the wolves. The movement on and off the ball on KO’s side was hard to keep up with. The players on the opposing team knew where to make their runs, could pass perfectly to feet, and beat our players to almost every 50/50 ball. Mimi N. had some amazing saves in goal, but it was just not enough. Kingswood Oxford ran up the score pretty quickly, but Rectory never hung their heads. They continued to fight and improve as the game went on. Captain and team motivator Isabel D.B. kept the pressure up on their defense and sent a ball over the keeper's head. That would be the only goal for the wolves in this game. 5th grader Hadley L. got her first chance in the net this season for the wolves during the second half. Although it was her first time, she went out and played with a mighty force. Our next game will be for Fall Family Weekend against Marianapolis.


October 16, 2021
Home vs. Marianapolis

It was an electric weekend at Rectory for its first Fall Family Weekend in two years! The energy around campus was buzzing, and our team was excited to play for their family and friends. The last time we played Marianapolis they beat us by a lot so we were unsure of how they would match up to us this year. With the feeling of support in the air, the Rectory wolves showed up to play and play hard. Mimi N. was on point in goal and shut down challenging shots and 1v1 one situations. Our defense continued to communicate with each other to stay organized throughout the game. Our offense kept placing perfect balls to run onto and have some great combination passes that eventually led to our first goal. Captain Isabel D.B. got a through ball from Chloe W. and was able to break past the defense to score for the wolves. Later in the second half, Isabel D.B. struck again as she took on the Marianapolis defense and had a strong shot to the far side of the goal. Tension was high, and Marianapolis was not letting down. They continued to put pressure on our defense, and soon enough, they were able to find the back of the net. With under ten minutes left in the game, it was possible Marainapolis could score and tie it up. You could feel the excitement in the air. The fans were cheering, and the girls were working hard to keep the W in their hands. There were a few close calls but eventually, the whistle blew, and the wolves took the victory. It was a perfect way to end the day.

 Varsity Girls Volleyball
Coach Shen

The Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team had a wonderful month. Consistent with our team spirit, “never let the ball fall to the ground,” everyone tried their best to do serve receives, and because of that, we won all three games against Marianapolis, Ethel Walker, and Rumsey Hall. A special shout-out goes to Ashley, who continuously served ten times without any lapse. In addition, Anari, completely new to volleyball until this season, contributed greatly to the game against Marianapolis with her serves. We enjoyed watching our setters Gina and Lucy, when they passed the ball to the hitters and our best hitters, Gillian and Jaceil, to attack during the games. The bench always did an excellent job cheering everyone up and getting ready to substitute in the game. We continue to practice spiking and serving in our regular training, and we were introduced to a new move-shuffling and passing. Let’s go, team Rectory!

-Written by one of the captains, Gina Z. '23


October 16, 2021
Home vs. Worcester Academy

The Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team hosted Worcester Academy during Fall Family Weekend. Many parents and alumni came to the gymnasium to support our players during the game. The girls were excited and ready to be on fire with the confidence gained from our undefeatable season so far. They were also a little bit nervous because our opponents were all high school students. However, the girls did an excellent job winning the fourth set after winning the first two and losing the third set.

Our first set lineup included captains Lucy, Gina, Moran, Jaceil, Livie, and Gillian. Big shout out to Lucy and Gina, the setters on our team who got almost 100% success rate in passing the ball today. Their hard work on practicing passing these days paid off and inspired our hitters to attack.

Although we lost the third game 20-25, we had a comeback in the fourth set as more audiences came to watch our game. Our girls shook their nerves off because they knew we have the skills and energy to win. Our good servers Moran, Ashley, Alex, and Diana helped the team win several points in a row with their stable serves that limited the other team's first pass and thus weakened their attack. The game finished with Gillian’s accurate hit to their center court.

Everyone had a chance to play on the court today and they all did an outstanding job. We were glad to see the girls support each other and had great talks on the court. We're looking forward to more victories this season! 

JV Girls Volleyball
Coach Euglow

October 22, 2021
Away vs. Fay School

The Junior Varsity Volleyball team left campus Friday afternoon to take on Fay School. The girls eagerly gathered onto the two busses, and we ventured off to Southborough, MA. The girls were excited as this was our first real game against another school this year. As we drove to the game, the girls were full of laughter, singing, and pure joy. We got to Fay School and separated our team into two different teams. We played three matches on each side. The girls worked hard; they called their balls, tried their best to get their serves over, and played as a team. It was wonderful to see each girl play their hearts out on the court. While it was not necessarily a great match-up in terms of level on both sides, each girl tried their best and helped each other overcome the challenges of a new court. We look forward to continuing to improve our skills, and we are ready for our next game on Wednesday at home!

Coach LaBonte-Campbell

Rectory’s Fitness team performed well - and had fun - these past few weeks. Having demonstrated strength in the basics of various movements, this group of athletes was deemed ready to toss around some weight. Following much repetition and practice, athletes learned the dumbbell snatch, the kettlebell deadlift, and the kettlebell swing. The energy was high as team members cheered each other on and celebrated each other’s accomplishments with these new, exciting movements. As we head into the final few weeks of the season, athletes will begin to revisit some early fitness tests, including the 2-minute max row and 800m run. Here’s to a strong finish!

Fall Adventures
Coach Dionne 

Fall Adventures has been taking advantage of the lovely weather by working on our volleyball and disc golf skills. We set up our disc golf course around the Art bArn, Gym, and DGB with a total of nine holes. The first round was a little rough, with a few students losing their discs in the trees, but we were able to recover all of them and use it as a good teaching experience on proper form and accounting for the elements such as wind or cars. By the third round, we had a group of professionals, and almost everyone was under par by the end of the final hole. Roy L. was even able to get a hole-in-one on a par three hole which was very exciting! The volleyball teams have been inside most of the week, so we were able to use the outdoor volleyball courts, and the students really enjoyed trying a new sport. We have a very talented crew and have had some intense volleys with everyone getting involved. Sam C. has one of the hardest and farthest serves on the team, so everyone is ready to hit it back whenever he is up to serve. Communication has improved this past week dramatically because of volleyball; no more running into each other trying to get the ball. Everyone has their role, and they are usually ready to perform that role to the best of their ability. 

Coach Gould

The sun finally chased the rain away, and we had a wonderful run of beautiful fall days for riding. Thank you to all the parents who made it to our Fall Family Weekend demonstration - horses and riders did a great job! Over the past week, we have continued to work on our equitation, focusing on improving our leg position in the half seat and at the posting trot. The “warm” temperatures at the end of the week lent itself well to working on our core muscles and balance by riding bareback. This was a daunting prospect for our riders - many had never ridden without a saddle or stirrups - quite a few riders giggled nervously as they took their first steps, afraid they would fall off. Much to their happiness, they all stayed on and discovered that they enjoyed the more direct connection that riding bareback allows between horse and rider. Despite sore legs, they all begged to ride bareback the next day. They had fun swapping horses with each other, and quite a few riders even tried trotting, gaining confidence with each lap of the ring! 


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