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Wolf Den Sports Center: May 1, 2022
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

Spring sports are in full swing. With baseball, golf, lacrosse, softball, tennis, and track all competing in competitions, the athletes and coaches have been hard at work. Perfecting techniques and team strategies lead to victory but not without some challenges. Is your favorite wolf pack undefeated or are they inching closer to capturing their next victory? Find out in this month’s Wolf Den Sports Center.


Varsity Baseball
Head Coach: Rob Roy
Assistant Coach: Quadry Anderson

April 13, 2022
Home vs. Fay

We opened our season up against a fairly matched Fay school. Beomjin started on the mound pitching four innings. Shep pitched one inning, but the wolves came up short, losing 5-4 due to Fay having to end early for travel reasons. Roman and Collin each scored two runs apiece.

April 16, 2022
Away vs. Wilbraham Monson

On a gloomy Saturday morning, the wolves headed to Springfield, Massachusetts, to take on Wilbraham Monson. We got off to a hot start scoring nine runs in the first inning. Jayden set the tone with a big shot to left field, bringing in 2 runs. Wilbraham’s pitching continued to struggle against our hot bats. We went on to score 17 runs to Wilbraham 5 runs. Shoutouts to Shion and Deron for getting their first hits of the season.

April 23, 2022
Home vs. Williston

For spring family weekend, the wolves matched up against Williston School. Through the first three innings, we held Williston to a tie ball game 1-1. Williston's experience later overmatched us once they got their bats going. We struggled to make plays on the defensive side, which led to long innings where Williston would pull away with a final score of 17-1.

Junior Varsity Baseball
Head Coach: Jacob Guertin
Assistant Coach: Bill Walden

April 14, 2022
Away vs. Renbrook

The JV baseball team traveled to Renbrook on an overcast and cloudy day. While the first inning was a bit of a challenge with our pitching, innings 2, 3, and 4 improved. Strong performances were put in by Zane, Jotham, Trent, and Rinto

April 20, 2022
Away vs Fay

On a beautiful afternoon, the Boys JV Baseball team traveled to Fay. With both teams having a large number of players, each team batted all nine starters, then all remaining players. This format allowed all players the opportunity to face live pitching and play the field. After three wonderful innings, the score was Rectory 4 Fay 8. A good time was had by all.

April 23, 2022
Home vs. Pomfret Town

In one of the most exciting finishes of the whole weekend, the JV Boys Baseball team hit a grand slam in the final inning to win the game. With strong pitching from both Jotham and Trent (who also hit the grand slam) and great defense from Zane and Rinto. Everyone played and had a terrific time.

Boys Lacrosse
Head Coach: Jose Malagon
Assistant Coaches: Braden Long, Josiah Fuller

April 12, 2022
Home vs. Williams

We had an exciting start to the season with a scrimmage against Williams School on Tuesday. All players were able to get into the game and contribute. Sam and Tristan each scored two goals for us, and DJ helped lead our defensive unit and came away with one goal for himself as well! Peter stood on his head in the goal and held Williams to 3 goals in total while helping our defense maintain its composure and come away with some big stops to give our offense many opportunities. Rectory was able to come away with a 5-3 win, it was a hard-fought game from beginning to end, and we were extremely proud of our boys!

April 13, 2022
Away vs. Williston Away

While we didn't score and gave up 12 goals, all players played and fought hard for the whole game. They demonstrated resilience when faced with adversity, and we are very proud of their efforts today.

April 20, 2022
Away vs. Rumsey Hall

On Wednesday, the varsity lacrosse team faced a tough Rumsey Hall lacrosse team at Avon. With the starting goalie out sick, Edgardo agreed to step up and do what he could to help the team by jumping in and playing goalie. Edgardo got about 10 minutes of instruction before the start of the game and played the entire game to the best of his ability making saves and clearing the ball.

The close defense was anchored by KJ, DJ, and Namil coming away with key takeaways and doing their best to support Edgardo; all 3 defenders showed no fear when picking up the groundball and running a fastbreak to get the offense started. Nathan, Roy Lacy, and Tripp were able to step in and help out on close defense when extra help was needed in man-down situations and throughout the game as well.

The midfield was led by Will Leary, Tristan, and Sam, playing on the offensive and defensive sides of the field. Their efforts were supported by Cash, Max, Jackson, Roy Ahn, Martin, and Nikola, who were able to jump into the game and leave it all out on the field. The midfield not only played tough against a solid Rumsey offense but helped the attack create some key offensive possessions.

On attack AJ, Zander, and Max helped the offense settle the ball and look to create some offense against a tough Rumsey defense. The attack got some different looks and pressure on the defense with the help of Stevie, Max, and Jackson and the help of the midfielders.

Goals against a tough Rumsey defense came from Max and DJ.

While Rectory came away with a 2-11 loss, there were many bright spots throughout the game that showed growth and perseverance.

April 23, 2022
Home vs. Williston

This past weekend was our Centennial Weekend celebration, which included a home game against Williston Northampton. While it was our second meeting against a strong Williston Northampton team, the boys did not shy away from the battle they knew they would face. The first half ended with Rectory being down 0-5, which was the position we found ourselves in after the first quarter when we first met Williston. We were not satisfied with the score, but as a coaching staff and as a team, we acknowledged that we were growing and learning, finding ourselves down because of the other team capitalizing on some of our small mistakes. The game ended with a lone goal being fired past the Williston goalie as time expired by Zander. We were extremely proud of the team's effort, as almost everyone was able to play and help the team in their own way. The boys left the field in good spirits and with their heads held high.

April 25, 2022
Away vs. Hillside

Monday afternoon, we traveled to Hillside School, unsure of what we were in for. The game started with a faceoff win by Will Leary and a downpour of scoring by Rectory, finding ourselves up 6-0 at the end of the first quarter. We chose to slow things down to practice our offense and get every player into the game, which was great to see as we saw some of our younger players show confidence and heart out on the field. As I explained to the team at the end of the first half, we have found ourselves on the other end of this type of score, and it doesn't feel good just to keep getting it poured on; we can play hard and focus on improving our offense and defense while showing respect for the game and the other team. The boys showed compassion and respect for the game, and an inexperienced Hillside team, while coming away with a 12-1 win, was satisfying. We are more proud of the way that the boys treated the other team and showed poise in a game that could have easily ended in a 20+ score for Rectory.

Girls Lacrosse
Head Coach: Erin Bradley
Assistant Coach: Amanda Dionne

April 12, 2022
Away vs. Williams Away

It was our first game of the season. The team and coaches were very excited to get onto the field and see how we matched up against Williams. From the get-go, our team showed they were there to win. Mimi and Halliway both scored three goals. Livie had two goals and led the team in draw controls with three of them. Rebecca made two saves and only four shots total. Altogether the team did a fantastic job and won 10-2.

April 15, 2022
Away vs. Williston

It was a slow start against Williston Friday. We were up 2-0 at the half. However, once we woke up, we took better care of the ball and won 8-0. Halliway scored 6 of our 8 goals, and Rebecca had 11 saves in addition to her shutout. It was a fantastic showing for our team, for only being our second game of the season. The coaches are very proud of the girls.

April 23, 2022
Intrasquad Match

It was Spring Family Weekend, and although we were supposed to play Kingswood Oxford, the game was canceled due to not enough players being healthy on their team. This situation allowed us to showcase everyone on our team to their family and friends with an intrasquad match. Everyone got a lot of playing time, and some got to play a new position which challenged them to adapt. Some of the younger players were able to get a lot of field time. It was a fun game to watch!

Head Coach: Felicia Rodman
Assistant Coach: Colleen O’Neil

April 15, 2022
Home vs. Fay

Working out our first game jitters, the team showcased great potential on the field and in the batter’s box. A big shoutout to Hannah, a 6th grader, pitching against 9th graders, and Jennie, a pitching newcomer, for taking on the significant role as a pitcher. Zino worked hard to support our pitchers for her first time ever as a catcher. The in-and outfielders had the opportunity to put their skills to the test, especially Jennifer, who hustled to make a play at first base by beating the runner to the bag and earning an out for our team. The batter’s box saw some great contact overall from the lineup, including some nice hits from Sam, Drew, Chloe D, Naty, Chloe J., and Hannah. We are proud of how everyone performed today and can’t wait to see the growth of each player as they hit the diamond next Wednesday against Renbrook.

April 23, 2022
Intrasquad Match

Each player on our team had the opportunity to test their skills in the batter’s box and the diamond. Taking the opportunity to push themselves in new ways, every player made contact when up to bat! To name just a few softball newcomers who displayed progress in this area, Selah, Daphne, Cindy, Sunny, and Alice! A fantastic hit made by Sam into the right-center made for some excitement on the bases as she and a fellow teammate made their way to home plate. A special shout out to Mr. Healy, who revived his role as a pitcher!

Varsity Tennis
Head Coach: Evan Campbell
Assistant Coach: Dena Cocozza O’Hara

April 13, 2022
Away vs. Wilbraham Monson

The varsity tennis team moved to 2-0 with a 9-0 win over Wilbraham and Monson. The team took every match from Jacky at #1 singles to Stephen and David at #3 doubles. Special shoutout to Amelia and Chloe for winning their first Rectory singles matches!

April 20, 2022
Home vs. Williston Northampton

The varsity tennis team moved to 3-0 with a 6-3 match over Williston Northampton. The Wolves jumped out to a 6-0 lead in singles before dropping three closely contested doubles matches. Shoutout to Jacky, Lyke, Truman, Taylor, Amelia, and Chloe for all continuing their undefeated seasons.

April 23, 2022
Home vs. Westminster

The varsity tennis team continued their strong season with a 6-1 win over an experienced Westminster team. Playing a 4-3 format, the Wolves swept the four singles matches and took two of the three doubles matches. Special shoutout to Evan for getting his first Rectory tennis victory, pairing up with Stephen to win at #3 doubles.

April 25, 2022
Home vs. Marianapolis

The varsity tennis team moved to 5-0 with an impressive 6-3 win over Marianapolis' varsity team. The Wolves again swept the singles ladder before dropping the three doubles matches. The day's highlight was the #1 singles match, where Jacky outlasted an extremely talented player to earn an 8-6 win. Rectory hits the courts again this Wednesday for a match against Pomfret.

Junior Varsity Tennis
Head Coach: Kara Burke
Assistant Coach: Kuan Shen

April 13, 2022
Home vs. Fay

The JV tennis team kicked off this season with a close win against Fay School. Kevin dominated the first single match while Yuma had a challenging game. Our top two doubles, Howard/Eric and Lucas/Mark, also faced challenges from their opponents, but they tried their best to hit every ball back while making some excellent volleys. The other three teams, Sasha/Jose, Ashmah/Lauria, and Noora/Helen, all edged out their opponents and showed strong sportsmanship on the courts. All the players did an excellent job and improved their score-keeping skills. We want to thank all the teammates and fans who came to support the players.

April 16, 2022
Away vs. Pomfret

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the JV tennis team won another close against Pomfret School girls’ JV team. Kevin tried hard to run and get most of the balls back and edged out his opponent. Mark impressed the audience with his strong and consistent forehand. Yuma and Yvonne both had a challenging match and kept fighting until the last point. Our top four teams, Howard/Eric, Jose/Sasha, Ashmah/Lauria, and Noora/Helen, dominated the matches on the doubles side. New partners Amber and Heehu also learned from the match, and we all hope they will continue to hit more winners.

April 23, 2022
Home vs. Westminster

JV tennis had a competitive match vs. Westminster. Yuma and Mark had nail-biting singles matches and were both able to edge out their opponents. Lucas and Yvonne dominated their singles matches, the doubles teams faced some tough opponents, and Eric and Howard were very aggressive up at the net. The teams of Sasha/Jose and Ashmah/Lauria gave great efforts to two strong teams. Heehu/Amber won a friendly match during our intrasquad match vs. Naia/Isabella. Noora and Helen also played competitively against each other in singles.

Varsity Golf
Head Coach: Mike Healy
Assistant Coach: Justin Bendall

April 13, 2022
Away vs. Williston and Westminster

For our first match of the season, we played against Westminster and Williston Northampton. Our five scores were Ethan, Ryan, Kai, Nathaniel, and Nicholas, giving the total team score of 241. We look forward to our next match, verse Fessenden.

April 14, 2022
Home vs. Fessenden

The varsity golf team had a great match with Fessenden. Four of our six matches came down to the final hole to decide the winner. Brayden, Nathaniel, Nicolas, and Ryan all had impressive rounds, with Brayden coming up with a great shot to win his match and Nathaniel coming up with a clutch putt to halve his match. We look forward to facing Fessenden again next Thursday.

April 27, 2022
Home vs. Suffield

Wednesday, Rectory's varsity golf team had a home match verse Suffield Academy. Rectory came out as the victor, with Ethan, Kai, Ryan, and Brayden all winning their matches. Mr. Bendall and I were very proud of our team for pulling off the victory on a cool and windy afternoon.

Track and Field
Head Coach: Lisa Hart
Assistant Coaches: Dylan Klett, Freddy Nagle

April 13, 2022
Away vs. Fay

Our first track meet was a success for the Rectory students. We had outstanding performances from some of our students. Our unofficial results were:

  • Serena placed 3rd in the long jump with a 12' 2" jump
  • Isabel placed first in the 1600 meter run with a time of 6 minutes and 22 seconds. She also placed first in the 800-meter run.
  • Our 4X100 meter relay team took third, and the runners were Moran, Serena, Nhi, and Isabel.

Rectory took first and second in the boy's long jump! Junsoo jumped 13' 8.5," and Shawn broke 14' with a jump of 14' 5.25". Joba took third place in the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 800 meter. Junsoo took second place in the 100m and 200m. Money took first in the 1600 meter, and the 800 meter  Money's 1600 meter have a time of 5 minutes 53 seconds. The Rectory boys took second in the 4X100m, and the runners included Money, Joba, Gavin, and Junsoo.      

We are very proud of the kids. They worked hard the last few weeks, put in a great effort at the meet, and were excellent teammates.

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