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Wolf Den Sports Center: January 2022
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

Winter sports are officially back for the first time since 2020. Coaches and players are eager to get back to competition and face off against teams they haven’t played in almost two years. Follow your favorite wolf pack to see how they shape up after a long hiatus.

Boys Varsity A Basketball
Coach Anderson

It was a solid first week of the season for the wolves, finishing 3-0. We opened up at home against Putnam Science Academy, winning 71-50. Over the weekend, we traveled to New Hampton and Tabor Academy. Final scores were 77-66 (New Hampton), 69-61 (Tabor Academy). Jacob D. has been off to a strong start for the wolves getting his first double-double of the season. The team is learning to play with discipline to execute to our best ability against more skilled teams. We played Springfield Commonwealth Academy to conclude our final game before the holiday break. The game was our most intense yet. It came down to small mistakes the ultimately lost us the game. We look forward to seeing the boys after the break.

Boys Varsity B Basketball
Coach Guertin 

The Varsity B Basketball team has 13 hard-working players from grades six to nine. Each player is making an impact and carving their role on the team. Our team has focused on fundamental basketball skills to protect the ball and run our plays consistently as a unit. In our first game against the Pomfret School Thirds team, we lost to a much taller, faster, and stronger team. The first game jitters should be gone, and the team is ready to play Eagle Hill on Tuesday, December 14 at 4:00 p.m.

 Boys JV Basketball
Coach Walden

The JV Basketball team is thrilled to tip off their season this Thursday, December 16, at 4:00 p.m.  The JV boys’ basketball team has focused on building solid fundamentals, including dribbling, passing, layups, shooting technique, and playing defense. We have asked the kids to bring and maintain a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, enjoy the game, and show great sportsmanship. Coach Finnegan and I know this year will be an amazing season full of surprises and game-winning shots.   Go Wolves!  

 Girls Varsity Basketball
Coach Blakelock 

After two hard weeks of practice, the varsity girls basketball team finally got a chance to hit the court on Wednesday, December 9 in their first matchup of the season versus Wilbraham and Monson. The wolves took control of the ball after the opening tip, but possession was back and forth, with each team putting up their share of shots. Chloe W. was the first on the scoreboard for Rectory with a beautiful 3 point shot. The W&M team was big and pressed hard on defense, making it challenging to find lanes to the net, but Anari W. slowly but surely added to the scoreboard. The wolves hung onto the lead for much of the game, but forward progress was slow as W&M pressed hard on defense. After a hard-fought fourth quarter, the wolves could claim their first victory of the season. Congratulations to the Wolves!

The Rectory wolves had the chance to host Pomfret for their first home game of the season. With the stands packed, and a lot of energy in the room, the wolves took an early lead and set the game's pace through their offensive advances. Anari W., Isabel D.B., and Chloe W. quickly added points to the scoreboard, and Pomfret had trouble breaking through our defense. Zoe O. and Jennie C. also contributed to the scoreboard. In the second half of the game, the wolves focused on two things: taking control of the defensive zone and slowly down offensive attacks. The game ended in another W for the wolves!

We look forward to our final home game before winter break versus Bancroft School.

 Girls JV Basketball
Coach Bendall

The JV girls' basketball team has spent the last few weeks developing a foundation of skills to build throughout the season. The girls are excited about learning the finer points of the game. They ask great questions and consistently work hard each day. We have been working together with the Rec basketball team to increase our fitness and review the basics of the game, but soon will separate to begin preparations for our games occurring after the new year. We open our season the week we return from break! Mark your calendars as we'll take on Kingswood-Oxford at home on Saturday, January 8! It has been a joy to witness the girls' enthusiasm for the game I love, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season with each of them.

Recreational Basketball
Coach Callanan & Coach Euglow 

The Recreational Basketball team, led by Coach Callanan and Coach Euglow, is underway with their 2021-2022 season! We have a fantastic group of 13 delightful young ladies and gentlemen. The Recreational Basketball team is all about learning the great game of basketball through shooting, passing, and dribbling skill exercises. As we continue to grow and get more comfortable, we will work on 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and finally, a proper game scrimmage type of scenario. We want each child to come to practice smiling and be eager to try new things, work hard to improve, and have fun. Within the few weeks we have been practicing, the players are all improving and progressing. We are excited to watch them grow individually and as a team. We love to end each practice with a fun game, like who can make a half-court shot or the infamous game of knock-out. 

Coach Richards 

The Rectory squash team returned to match play for the first time since Feb. 2020 last Friday. Our returning players were eager to compete, and our new players were excited to represent their school on the court for the first time. The team traveled north to Eagle Hill School to take on the Pioneers in a 7 v. 7 varsity-style match with the #8s playing an exhibition.           

Amelia W. represented Rectory at #8 and earned a convincing 3-0 win with her deep shots dominating play. Alex S., a returner playing in his first varsity match, held out against a resilient opponent to win 3-1 by shifting his play out of the center of the court and towards the corners. In the #6 spot, Taylor W. kept pace with his opponent's number but couldn't match the raw athleticism of a student six years his senior. Five-year team member Shawn W. took advantage of between-game coaching to post his first varsity win since 7th grade. New #4 Alex C. controlled the tempo and rhythm of play in a competitive match decided by unforced errors, which allowed him to earn a first-ever Rectory win. The match of the day was at #3 where Diana H. finally took to the court in Rectory orange. Despite falling just short in the first two games, she pinpointed her opponent's weaknesses and began to exploit them. After eeking out a tight win in game three, she dominated game four by winning 11-2. While she was denied a court victory, she claimed the win after the EHS player withdrew from game five. Match #2 was a battle of power hitters, with Jacky W. taking on a talented and hardworking player. Despite his efforts, he came up short in the end. Clement W. returned triumphantly to the #1 spot for the Wolves and continued to build on his four-year legacy with our team by winning comfortably and professionally against a strong racquet player.

It's always nice to start the season with a win, especially since it's been so long for this program. We have a nice break before our next match in January, where we expect more JV players to join us on the courts.

Coach Stewart 

The Rectory swim team is thrilled to be back in the water for the 2020-2021 season! Coach O'Neil and Coach Stewart are delighted to have such a strong group of swimmers. This team will do big things this year as we take on other teams and continue to build our skills. Our first meet was against Eagle Hill School, and we started strong with a win of 89-60. Martin L., Jaceil B., Will L., and Truman B. took an impressive win in our final relay of the meet, basically lapping the second-place relay team. A few of our swimmers have never been to a swim meet before, but this didn't stop them from going strong and showing the coaches what they could do. Oscar Z. impressed the team and the coaches as he did events he had never participated in before and took first or second in all of them. From even our tiniest 5th graders, who swam in a meet for the first time, to our more seasoned swimmers, the whole team earned the win. The other school was impressed with the team's demeanor and the skill they brought forward. The coaches are incredibly proud of the hard work these kids have already put in this year and look forward to one of the strongest seasons of swimming Rectory has ever had!

Coach Dionne

Fencing has had a very productive first few weeks of sports. The first week was try-outs where we did cardio, footwork, and basic fencing steps. We also learned the eight fencing parries that we use during matches and had some very fun games of Simon Says. After tryouts were over and we had our team selected, we got all of the students the fencing gear that they would be using this season. We then started with more formal fencing practices. Students will do about 30 minutes of endurance training at the beginning of practice before getting suited up for practice matches with different partners. We are focusing on using parry ripostes, where students successfully use parries to deflect the other person’s foil, and then they immediately attack while their opponent is out of position. It has been a fun start to the season, and we look forward to working more on our techniques to get ready for our first matches coming up after Winter break.

Varsity Hockey
Coach Campbell 

The varsity hockey team is off to a great start this winter. In the season's first game, the Wolves matched up against an experienced Rumsey Hall team. Evenly matched from the opening faceoff, the two teams played to a 0-0 score after the first period. In the second period, the Wolves pulled ahead when Alex L. took a feed from AJ O. to score her first Rectory goal. Cash L. joined the scoring on another pass from AJ O. to make it 2-0. From there, the Rectory defense led by Sam D., Olivia C., and Shep W. shut down Rumsey's offense. Roman B. starred in net and earned the shutout. Rectory will face off next time right before break when they hit the road to take on Fay.

Coach Woodard 

This month in fitness, we have been working hard!  We spend thirty minutes in a classroom after school ends, and then we head down to the wrestling room, which is a space located beneath the gymnasium.  Every day we have a WOD or work out of the day followed by some time in the weight room.  We head off campus to hike or run for active recovery on Thursdays.  We also make a stop at Baker's Dozen before coming home.   

Students are learning to do many different exercises which focus on form.  They have learned about squats, lunges, wall walk-ups, burpees, kettlebell swings, and many others.  Students have been trained on the proper use of all of the machines in the weight room.  We have made a benchmark for each student in different categories.  Our goal is to see how much our fitness grows over the season.  We have an excellent group of students this term, and everyone is putting in a lot of effort so far!  

 Winter Warriors
Coach Vollinger 

The Winter Warriors of Rectory have enjoyed various fun-filled activities so far this season. The group has participated in activities focused both on individual growth and fitness as well as games to facilitate teamwork. Some of the activities have included kickball, capture the flag, relay races, exploring the hiking trails through the woods on campus, and having a campfire at the school’s lean-to. It has been a tremendous season so far, and we look forward to seeing each member, and the group, continue to build on the great progress they have made so far this Winter.

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