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Rectory Supports The AAPI Community
A Message from Rectory's Head of School

Head of School Fred Williams addressed the middle school student body this morning regarding the recent shootings in Atlanta. Mr. Williams said, "Rectory School adamantly condemns this violence along with any and all harmful behavior directed towards others due to their race, ethnicity, or other personal identifiers." Mr. Williams also sent a communication to our entire community this afternoon. Click read more to read the entire statement.

To the Members of our Rectory Community,

The joy of our students’ return to campus last week signifying the start of the spring trimester occurred in stark contrast to national headlines reporting on the horrific shootings in Atlanta in which eight people were killed, including six women of Asian descent. This tragic and senseless loss of life has illuminated a disturbing trend of violence and xenophobia directed towards Asians in America and around the world. Rectory School adamantly condemns this violence along with any and all harmful behavior directed towards others due to their race, ethnicity, or other personal identifiers.

Rectory is fortunate to have deep and meaningful relationships with families across the globe. We are proud of the diversity that provides our students an opportunity to better understand the world and its people, and we expect all members of our community will be treated with respect and compassion, as highlighted in our school creed.

Events such as the Atlanta shootings and the recent rise in racist acts evoke a range of emotions, particularly in young people who struggle to understand this heinous behavior and who internalize thoughts and feelings. Mr. Bendall, our Director of Student Counseling, and I spoke with our middle school students this morning. As part of those remarks, Mr. Bendall offered his services as well as the services of School Counselor Sarah Maley for any students grappling with this disturbing trend. Additionally, Mrs. Zahansky, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director, has provided our teachers a list of resources they might utilize as they support our students through these challenging times.

Rectory is fortunate to have the Asian community represented across all constituencies at our school. From the board of trustees to the parent body, the faculty, alumni, and students, Rectory acknowledges and greatly values the contributions of these individuals and will not tolerate any discrimination, bigotry, or racism directed towards these people—or to the greater Asian community across our country and our world.



Frederick W. Williams
Head of School

From Rectory's DEI Executive Committee:

As part of Rectory's response to recent AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) discrimination and racism we thought we would provide a few resources to aid in discussions to best support our students.  

Here a few resources to address anti-Asian racism:


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