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COVID Can't Stop Rectory Wolves
Courtney Callanan, Assistant Athletic Director

John Wooden once said, "Do not let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do." As we approached this school year there was much that we could not do when it came to athletics. No games, no contact drills, wearing masks, and much more. But we did not let that stop us from what we could do. We provided students with a space outside the classroom to play, run, be a part of a team atmosphere, and work on some of their skills for the sports they love. There were many challenges we faced due to state and national guidelines but with the mentality of determination coaches and students overcame those challenges each week and each season.

With two seasons of successful and safe athletic activities, spring continued to look even more positive for our sports teams. We were able to offer all of our typical spring sports and even a new spring adventure offering. Our golf team traveled to the local Connecticut National Golf Course for practice each day, our tennis courts beamed with students perfecting their serves, and our lacrosse, baseball, softball, and track teams took over our fields and created a space where they worked hard and improved every day.

After a year of no athletic competitions, two of our teams got to compete in their first interscholastic games. Our girl's lacrosse team took on the Marianapolis Knights for their first game in over a year. The team was filled with anticipation for their first game with many of our players being new and young to the game but that didn't stop them. The team came out strong in defense and on offense. 8th graders Mimi N. and Olivia C. led the team in goals and created constant pressure on the Marianpolis keeper. Halliway W. and goalie Tatum L. held their ground as 5th graders and youngest on the field. After a back and forth battle the final tallie was 9-8 with Marianapolis getting the last-minute victory.

The baseball team met the Woodstock Centaur's on the diamond for a walk-away game. Rectory came out to play with their experienced line up which made it difficult for the centaurs to compete. The 9th graders led the team to victory with Carson A., Eric M., being a key part of the team's defense and offense. The team was unstoppable at the mound with Eric M. leading the charge. Carson A. showed up hungry to the plate and cranked out a few great hits for the team to put them ahead of the Centaurs. In the end, Rectory took home the W, winning 7-2.

Two memorable games that capped off the end of the year for Rectory sports. This year will be one many of us never forget. As we move on and put this year behind us the coaches and student-athletes should be proud because what they could not do did not interfere with what they did do. 

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