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At A Glance

An aerial view of Rectory's gorgeous campus.

Here are the basics. We...

  • Offer an enriching educational journey for local day students in kindergarten to grade 9. Rectory's day program is seamlessly integrated into our esteemed junior boarding school. Day students benefit from the global community, fostering cross-cultural connections, and join a vibrant environment that emphasizes academic excellence, character development, and individualized attention for a holistic educational experience.
  • Are a nurturing junior boarding school catering to grades 5-9, where academic excellence meets holistic development. Rectory School prioritizes a safe and inclusive environment, fostering a love for learning, character building, and personalized attention, fulfilling the aspirations parents seek for their children's formative years.
  • Identify and understand each student’s unique learning styles.
  • Develop individual talents through academics, athletics, and the arts.
  • Promote diversity in all aspects: geographic (U.S. 63%, International 37%), economic, cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious.
  • Are conveniently located within 45 minutes of three major cities (Hartford, CT; Worcester, MA; Providence, RI), 1 1/2 hours from Boston, and 3 hours from New York City.
  • Provide approximately two million dollars in financial aid annually.

Unveiling Information in Fun Infographics: Our At-a-Glance Brochure

We Love It Here!

Explore why Rectory School is more than just a place to learn—it's a community where dreams take flight. 🌈✨
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A Global Community

Our student body is a vibrant tapestry that reflects the rich diversity of our global community. With a geographic representation that spans the world, we take pride in fostering an environment where students from various backgrounds come together to create a truly unique and enriching educational experience.

International Representation (37%):
Bahamas, Canada, China, Congo, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam

United States Representation (63%):
Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island

Our Facilities

Campus Overview:

  • Immerse yourself in a picturesque 138-acre landscape, where rolling fields and majestic trees set the stage for a transformative educational experience.

Academic Center:

  • The heart of learning resides in the John B. Bigelow Academic Center, a hub of knowledge housing the Hettinger Library, offices, middle school classrooms, and cutting-edge computer and science labs.

Modern Learning Spaces:


  • Dive into a world of knowledge with our extensive Hettinger Library, boasting 8,000 volumes and a diverse collection of 30 magazine titles.


  • Classrooms: Step into the future of education with 25 classrooms, each equipped with a computer, projector, and interactive Epson Brightlink projector for immersive learning experiences.

  • Innovation Lab: Ignite creativity in our Innovation Lab featuring 5 iMacs, dedicated Robotics space, and three cutting-edge 3D printers.

  • K-5th Grade Classrooms: Every K-5th grade classroom is a tech hub with a set of iPads. Plus, there's a dedicated cart of Chromebooks in each K-1 and 2-3 grade classrooms, while grade 4 and grade 5 classrooms have their own sets.

  • 6th-9th Grade Classrooms: Embrace the digital age with Google Chromebooks provided by the school for each student in grades 6-9. These Chromebooks are seamlessly integrated into daily teaching and learning, fostering a tech-savvy environment.

Arts Facilities:

Studio Arts Department:

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of visual arts at the Collins Family Art Barn, home to our Studio Arts Department.
  • Clay Classroom: Explore the tactile world of ceramics and 3D arts in a dedicated clay classroom with a separate kiln room.
  • Drawing Classroom: Unleash your creativity on 2D projects in our specialized drawing classroom.
  • Photography Room: Capture moments in time with our complete black and white photography room.

Woodshop Program:

  • Dive into the art of woodworking in our dedicated woodshop program space. Focus on safety and gain a comprehensive understanding of tools, techniques, and terminology.

Performing Arts Department:

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of performing arts, hosted in the P.Y. & Kinmay Tang Performing Arts Center and the George S. Brewster Odeum.
  • Music Classroom: Explore the harmony of musical expression in our well-equipped music classroom.
  • Lesson and Practice Rooms: Hone your craft in specialized lesson and practice rooms designed to foster artistic growth.
  • Instrument Storage: Ensure the safety and care of instruments with our dedicated storage facilities.
  • Scripps Auditorium: Experience the magic of live performances in the 236-seat Scripps Auditorium, the crown jewel of our performing arts venues.

Athletic Center and Outdoor Athletic Facilities:

  • Elevate your physical prowess at the Craig Scott Colhoun Athletic Center, equipped with a gym, state-of-the-art fitness center, wrestling room, locker rooms, and an athletic trainer's office.
  • Step into the great outdoors with six tennis courts, six athletic fields, the Jeffrey Langford Memorial Baseball Field, a cross-country course, high and low ropes courses, hiking and biking trails, and a serene pond for fishing and skating.

Dining Facilities:

  • At Rectory, we understand that nourishing the body is as essential as nourishing the mind. That's why we take immense pride in the heart of our campus - the George Groom Dining Hall. Named after our beloved retired faculty member, the dining hall is a warm and inviting space that symbolizes community, connection, and wholesome dining.


  • Experience comfort in our thoughtfully remodeled dormitories, including three exclusively for girls.

Health and Wellness:

Learn more about our fabulous facilities--visit our Campus Map.

Athletic Teams: 34

  • Fall- cross country, equestrian, fall outdoor adventures, flag football, karate, 2 boys soccer, girls soccer, 1 coed soccer, and 2 girls volleyball
  • Winter- 3 boys basketball, 2 girls basketball, 1 coed basketball, fencing, fitness, ice hockey, squash, swimming and winter warriors
  • Spring - 2 baseball, golf, 2 boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, softball, spring adventures, 2 tennis, and track & field
Rectory School students lined up in uniforms representing all sports offered throughout the school year, showcasing diversity


Rectory School is situated on 138 panoramic acres on scenic Route 169 in the historic “Quiet Corner” of northeastern Connecticut:

Line drawn map of Connecticut and surrounding states Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York.
  • 42 miles east of Hartford
  • 35 miles west of Providence
  • 80 miles south of Boston
  • 120 miles east of New York City

Our campus is easily accessible to four major cities and several international airports in the northeastern United States.

We live the Rectory School Creed: