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At A Glance

An aerial view of Rectory's gorgeous campus.

Here are the basics. We...

  • teach to the individual, through enrichment and support; our individualized instruction is the cornerstone of a Rectory education.
  • identify and understand each student’s unique learning styles.
  • develop individual talents through academics, athletics, and the arts.
  • promote diversity: geographic (U.S. 70 %, International 30 %), economic, cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious.
  • have built a warm, nurturing community.
  • are within 45 minutes of three major cities (Hartford, CT, Worcester, MA, Providence, RI), 1 1/2 hours from Boston, and 3 hours from New York City.
  • give approximately two million dollars in financial aid annually.
  • encourage the spark in our students that ignites their desire to excel.

8,000 volumes, 30 magazine titles

Classrooms: 25 classrooms are equipped with a computer, projector and interactive Epson Brightlink projector.
Learning Lab: 10 iMacs along with a green screen and plenty of project development space.
K-5th-grade classrooms: Each K-5th-grade classroom has a set of iPads as well as:

  • A cart of Chromebooks in each of the grade K-1 and grade 2-3 classrooms.
  • A set of Chromebooks in each grade 4 and grade 5 classrooms. 

6th-9th-grade classrooms: Google ChromeBooks are provided by the School to each student and actively incorporated into daily teaching and learning.

Our Facilities

  • 138-acre landscape with rolling fields and beautiful trees.24 buildings, including 11 dormitories, and the John B. Bigelow Academic Center, which houses the Hettinger Library, offices, classrooms, computer and science labs;
  • P.Y. and Kinmay Tang Performing Arts Center, which includes the 236-seat Scripps Auditorium, music classrooms, and practice rooms;
  • Craig Scott Colhoun Athletic Center, which includes the gym, state-of-the-art fitness center, wrestling room, locker rooms, and athletic trainer's office;
  • Outdoor athletic facilities with six tennis courts, six athletic fields, the Jeffrey Langford Memorial Baseball Field, a cross-country course, a low ropes course, hiking and biking trails, and a pond for fishing and skating;
  • Three first-class buildings for dining, performing arts, and studio arts;
  • Three buildings on campus remodeled into beautiful dorms for girls;
  • Deal House, the newest building acquisition, restored for the Alumni & Development Office;
  • The Morgan Witter Rogers Jr. Infirmary, a State licensed overnight infirmary.
  • Green Hall, opened in January 2017, which houses the Smith Learning Center and the Hale Elementary School Wing.

Learn more about our fabulous facilities--visit our Campus Map.

Geographic Representation:

United States 65 percent
International 35 percent

Geographic Distribution

International: China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, and Vietnam.

United States: Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island

Athletic Teams: 39

  • Fall- cross country, CrossFit, dance, fall outdoor adventures, equestrian, 3 boys soccer, 2 girls soccer, and 2 girls volleyball
  • Winter- 4 boys basketball, 2 girls basketball, fencing, 2 ice hockey, squash, swimming and wrestling
  • Spring - 2 baseball, golf, 2 boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, softball, 2 tennis, and track & field
Lineup representing all of Rectory's Athletic Offerings


Rectory School is situated on 138 panoramic acres on scenic Route 169 in the historic “Quiet Corner” of northeastern Connecticut:

Line drawn map of Connecticut and surrounding states Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York.
  • 42 miles east of Hartford
  • 35 miles west of Providence
  • 80 miles south of Boston
  • 120 miles east of New York City

Our campus is easily accessible to four major cities and several international airports in the northeastern United States.

We live the Rectory School Creed: