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Where on campus is this mermaid?

This mermaid can be found In the reception/lounge area located on the first floor of the Grosvenor (Main) House. Over the years, this room has been Rectory’s library, meeting room, faculty mailroom, and teacher’s lounge. In a 1993 letter to Rectory School, Mr. Robert Frick, class of 1928, described the room, which in his days at Rectory was the library. “Beyond the front hall was the Library. This room was...two stories high, with a gallery along two sides. The brackets supporting these galleries were carved mermaid-type figures….Our school building was indeed unique; what with open galleries, carved mermaids, bed alcoves and two-storied rooms. Such a place was bound to impress young minds, and be remembered through the years.”

Campus Location:

Deal House

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Lisa Levesque, Centennial Coordinator

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