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When did Rectory adopt as its “dress uniform” a navy blue blazer with an orange and black Rectory seal on its breast pocket?

Bonus Question: What was Rectory’s dress uniform before the blazer with the Rectory seal?

In spring 1955 Rectory adopted as its “dress uniform” a navy blue blazer with the Rectory seal on its breast pocket along with charcoal grey flannel trousers. The blazer and trousers replaced a blue suit, which had been the “proper” dress for Rectory students. At the beginning of the 1934-1935 school year, the first Rectory blazer, a standard orange and black jacket, was offered for purchase through Best and Co., of New York. This jacket joined the long-standing Rectory jersey. 

Anyone have a Rectory jersey or blazer for the Archives?!

The following article appeared in the June 3, 1955 issue of The Rectory News.


    By unanimous vote of the many mothers who attended the Annual Meeting of the Mother’s Association on May 14th (1955), the School will adopt as its “dress uniform”, a navy blue blazer, with orange and black Rectory seal on its breast pocket and charcoal grey trousers. We have made contact with several suppliers of blazers and expect to have a contract with one of them long before school reopens in September.

     The blazers and dark flannel trousers will, henceforth, take the place of the blue suit which has been traditionally the proper dress for Rectory students in the evening and on special occasions. Those students who will not have outgrown or worn out their blue suits by Autumn will be able to use them again next year and may even, if desired, purchase seals to use on them instead of being required to buy a blazer.

Image: Rectory School Choir. Rectory Archives, 1968

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