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When and how did Rectory acquire its first bus?

On January 27, 1956, Headmaster John B. Bigelow made the exciting announcement to the Rectory community that it would have its “own bus in the very near future.”  A father, Mr. Bruce Cornell of Birmingham, Michigan, knew of a possibility of acquiring a bus and had asked Mr. John if the “school would be interested in acquiring a bus for the transportation of its teams to and from outside games and or various groups of students on field trips, etc.  Mr. John, of course, responded in the affirmative.”

“Mr. John said nothing to the boys about the possibility of the school’s having this bus, for Mr. Cornell had told him that it was one which was being put up at auction by a large Detroit company which, having consolidated its operations on one site, no longer needed it, and he understood that, since the bus was in excellent condition, Mr. Cornell could not count on the success of his bid. It was not until Thursday night, January 26th, that he heard the good news that Mr. Cornell had the bus and was planning to have it driven to Rectory in time for the Winter Carnival.”

The community’s sentiment?  “To have our own bus ready for use at a moment’s notice will be a boon indeed.”

Rectory News, February 22, 1956
Image: Rectory News, April 30, 1956

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