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What sugary treat was popular on campus from 2004 to 2018?
Bonus Question: Which faculty member made it popular and how?

Some foodstuffs are legendary at Rectory, but monkey bread “takes the cake!” This sugary concoction of baked biscuit dough heaped with butter, cinnamon, and sugar was distributed to the delight of students and staff alike by faculty member, Mary Lou Seaward. Piping hot and straight from her oven, the sweet pastry was offered up for incentive, reward, or “we-are-in-this-together” moments. The treat was so popular that it even appeared as a Halloween costume in 2016 (see photograph)!

According to Mrs. Seaward, monkey bread made its “official” appearance on the Rectory campus in 2004. As the story goes, that fall Class of 2006 alumnus Brian Blumenthal’s parents established an Assistant Headmaster’s Discretionary Fund to be used for student activities.The Assistant Headmaster at the time was Brad Seaward, Mrs. Seaward’s husband, and Mrs. Seaward, upon hearing the news of the fund, exclaimed that she knew “just what to do with the money!” And so, “Breakfast for Boarders” was born. Over the course of the ensuing year, each residential house (dormitory) was invited to breakfast at Mr. and Mrs. Seaward’s house, starting with Brian Blumenthal’s dorm. What was served at these morning meals? Ham and cheese quiche, sugary cereals, real orange juice, and MONKEY BREAD, of course! As the practice grew, monkey bread became the choice for birthdays, holiday parties, Craft and Photo Shoot Days, and faculty meetings. Today the tradition continues, as the monkey bread for October’s (2021) Teacher Appreciation Day was supplied by Mrs. Seaward’s daughter, Kendra, who is a current Rectory parent. In thinking back upon monkey bread’s popularity, Mrs. Seaward reminisced, “It always was a welcomed and appreciated treat.” 

Image:  Halloween 2016. Mrs. Seaward as "Monkey Bread" and Mr. Seaward as "T-Rex." Rectory Archives, 2016


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