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Cedars Cottage, a dormitory and headmaster’s quarters known as The Cedars, once existed on the site of the new Centennial Dormitory. By what means was this building demolished?

Bonus Question:

Click here for Lucius Carroll’s 1955 story of the Cedarites prepping for a dance, "The Cedars Is Dancing Tonight."

Do you know what GL-70 and Gardol are?


The Cedars was demolished by fire, which the Pomfret (CT) Volunteer Fire Department planned and intentionally ignited as a practice exercise. Rene Moreau, who worked in Rectory’s Facilities department for 35 years gives us this eyewitness account. “Over by the parking lot for DGB, used to be a building called Cedars; it was a dormitory. When the School wanted to get rid of it, the (local) fire department burned it down for practice. They put a big, big roll of hay inside and started it up.”

Bonus Answer: 

GL-70 and Gardol.  Think back and back some more to the 1950s, to a time when many bathroom cabinets housed a dental cream, as toothpaste was called at the time. GL-70 and Gardol were oral hygiene products in dental creams; Colgate contained the cleansing agent Gardol, and the bacteria-fighting compound GL-70 was an ingredient in Gleem. Smile!

Image: Headmaster John Bigelow seated with students in front of Cedars Cottage, Rectory Archives, 1951.

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