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Rectory History Detective: What do you know about this photo?

Black & white photo of students on a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village circa 1984.

The photograph is labeled “1984 Sturbridge” and appears to be a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village, a nineteenth-century outdoor living history museum in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.


Please comment to help us solve this Rectory History Mystery.


Peter Reed '85 has some of the answers to this Rectory History Mystery, and he challenges us to fill in the rest of the pieces. 

I remember this trip well, but am now a bit fuzzy on some of the characters in this photo. I can identify the following: Bob Pope, Peter Ellsworth, Bill Reich, Hardy Roddy, Norm Riker, Chris Burke, Chris Bagalay. Who have I missed classmates? Peter


Campus Location:

Deal House

Contact Information:

Lisa Levesque, School Archivist

Rectory School Archives
528 Pomfret Street
P.O. Box 68
Pomfret, CT 06258