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Rectory History Detective: What do you know about this photo?

Eight faculty members in the Headmaster's Lounge

February is for Faculty, and this photograph is of faculty who joined Rectory in 1990. Seated L-R are Chris Hyson, Beverly and Steve DiPaolo. Who else is in this photo? Leave a comment or email

Photograph: Rectory Archives, 1990


Help us fill in the blanks of this photo mystery. Rectory History Detective and alum Jeronimo Legorreta sent in his clues.  So far, we have...

Standing:  Eddie Lott, --, --, --, --

Seated: Chris Hyson, Beverly DiPaolo, Steve DiPaolo

Campus Location:

Deal House

Contact Information:

Lisa Levesque, School Archivist

Rectory School Archives
528 Pomfret Street
P.O. Box 68
Pomfret, CT 06258