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Rectory History Detective: What do you know about this photo?

Black and white photograph of 10 students and 2 teachers; Mr. John seated on right

Are you in this 1950s photograph, possibly taken in a Memorial common room?  Identify the who, when, and where and help us know the "story behind the picture." Leave a comment or email

Photograph: Rectory Archives, 1950s


History detectives Hill Bullard '54 and Blair Bigelow '52 have been on the trail of this Rectory History Mystery.  Can anyone finish the puzzle?  Please comment or email the Archives.

Standing (8):

Cotton Damon, ---, Mike Wilcox, Dana Wells, ---, ---, John Swinnerton, ---.

Seated (4):

Huntington Thompson (Assistant Headmaster), Tom Succop, David Hubby, John Bigelow (Headmaster)