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Donations to the Archives

Thank you to all our donors! 


John Frank '52

In the collection are two early-1950s textbooks from when donor and alumnus John Frank ‘52 was studying on campus. The World at Work, an “occupational geography” reflecting the increasing influence of global transportation, is authored by American geographer and geologist, Wallace Atwood, after whom Mount Atwood in the Clark Mountains of Antarctica are named. John was an early proponent in urging that the Archives has space and permanence. Thank you, John, for your support.

George and Sandra Groom, Faculty and more since 1969

Mr. and Mrs. George Groom have been a part of the Rectory family since 1969 in a variety of roles that include teachers, parents, trustee, and coach. In addition, they generously support the Archives by retelling their memories, identifying photographs, recording Rectory’s history, and, recently, donating copies of The Rectory News and photographs of the 1970s and 1980s soccer teams. The Archives always welcomes issues of The Rectory News, the older ones of which are replete with snapshots (written and photographic) of the School’s daily rhythm and milestones and so are an important source for historical research and identification.  Thank you, George and Sandy!

Daniel E. Newman, Director of Nursing, 1979-2020

After 40 years, Daniel E. Newman retired as Rectory’s Director of Nursing. Many a Rectory student has been greeted at the infirmary by Garfield and Mr. Newman in his Garfield-emblazoned medical scrubs. Garfield and two of those scrubs now have a home in the Archives. From Rectory dinner dishes to a 1938 medical log of reports on each student’s health, Dan looked through the Infirmary’s “attic” and sent his findings to the Archives. Thank you, Dan, for some of our most recent donations.

Hill Bullard '54 and Alumni Officer, 1997-2001

Some of the Rectory’s oldest photographs have been donated by Hill Bullard, alumnus (1954) and former Rectory Alumni Officer (1997-2001). These two early/mid-1920s photographs were taken in front of Rectory’s first two “homes,” Christ Memorial Church and Greystoke (with the water tower in the background).  The Greystoke picture can be dated to between 1923 (when the Bigelows purchased it) and 1925 (when it burned down). Thank you, Hill.

Caleb Bowen '14

What a wonderful surprise when from across the dining room was heard the call, “Mrs. Levesque, we have a shovel for the Archives!” Upon further investigation, Caleb Bowen ‘14 was visiting on campus and, indeed, he did have a shovel in the back of his truck. This "golden" shovel, from the May 1986 groundbreaking of the Colhoun Gymnasium, was given to Caleb’s grandfather by Buildings Superintendent Bob Fisher at the groundbreaking. Thank you, Caleb!

Edward (Ned) Thompson ‘71

Do you have a Rectory pencil or two hanging around your home?  Ned Thompson ‘71 did, and he sent them along with four composition books sporting the Rectory School Boy seal to the Archives. Thank you, Ned!

Craig Thomas Succop ‘50

Amongst the items that arrived in a box from Tom Succop ‘50 is a Rawlings baseball glove, etched with his name and used in games during his time on campus in the late 1940s. Thank you, Tom!

Daniel E. Newman, Director of Nursing, 1979-2020

This pair of old skates was found around 1988 in the former boiler room located in the Infirmary basement. Thank you, Dan!

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